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SNP(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SNP(4)

snp -- tty snoop interface SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/snoop.h> int ioctl(fd, SNPSTTY, &dev); int ioctl(fd, SNPGTTY, &dev); int ioctl(fd, FIONREAD, &result); DESCRIPTION
/dev/snp is a snoop device which allows users to attach to any tty and watch activities on it. The kernel must be compiled with device snp, or the snp module must be loaded, for these devices to be available. To associate a given snp device with a tty to be observed, open the snp device and a tty device, and then issue the SNPSTTY ioctl on snp device. The argument passed to the ioctl(2) is the address of a variable of type int, holding the file descriptor of a tty device. To detach the snp device from a tty use a pointer to a value of -1. The SNPGTTY ioctl returns information about the current tty attached to the open snp device. The FIONREAD ioctl returns a positive value equal to the number of characters in a read buffer. Special values defined are: SNP_OFLOW device overflow occurred, device detached. SNP_TTYCLOSE tty not attached. SNP_DETACH snp device has been detached by user or tty device has been closed and detached. SEE ALSO
pty(4), sio(4), kldload(8), watch(8) HISTORY
The snp device first appeared in FreeBSD 2.1. In FreeBSD 8.0 the snp driver was rewritten to work with the replaced TTY subsystem. AUTHORS
The author of the current implementation is Ed Schouten <>. Previous versions of snp were based on code written by Ugen J.S. Antsilevich <>. BUGS
This version of snp does not return proper error codes when calling FIONREAD. It also does not allow SNPSTTY to detach itself from the TTY. BSD
November 5, 2008 BSD

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Bio::Variation::SNP - submitted SNP SYNOPSIS
$SNP = Bio::Variation::SNP->new (); DESCRIPTION
Inherits from Bio::Variation::SeqDiff and Bio::Variation::Allele, with additional methods that are (db)SNP specific (ie, refSNP/subSNP IDs, batch IDs, validation methods). FEEDBACK
Mailing Lists User feedback is an integral part of the evolution of this and other Bioperl modules. Send your comments and suggestions preferably to one of the Bioperl mailing lists. Your participation is much appreciated. - General discussion - About the mailing lists Support Please direct usage questions or support issues to the mailing list: rather than to the module maintainer directly. Many experienced and reponsive experts will be able look at the problem and quickly address it. Please include a thorough description of the problem with code and data examples if at all possible. Reporting Bugs Report bugs to the Bioperl bug tracking system to help us keep track the bugs and their resolution. Bug reports can be submitted via the web: AUTHOR
Allen Day <> APPENDIX
The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are usually preceded with a _ get/set-able methods Usage : $is = $snp->method() Function: for getting/setting attributes Returns : a value. probably a scalar. Args : if you're trying to set an attribute, pass in the new value. Methods: -------- id type observed seq_5 seq_3 ncbi_build ncbi_chr_hits ncbi_ctg_hits ncbi_seq_loc ucsc_build ucsc_chr_hits ucsc_ctg_hits heterozygous heterozygous_SE validated genotype handle batch_id method locus_id symbol mrna protein functional_class is_subsnp Title : is_subsnp Usage : $is = $snp->is_subsnp() Function: returns 1 if $snp is a subSNP Returns : 1 or undef Args : NONE subsnp Title : subsnp Usage : $subsnp = $snp->subsnp() Function: returns the currently active subSNP of $snp Returns : Bio::Variation::SNP Args : NONE add_subsnp Title : add_subsnp Usage : $subsnp = $snp->add_subsnp() Function: pushes the previous value returned by subsnp() onto a stack, accessible with each_subsnp(). Sets return value of subsnp() to a new Bio::Variation::SNP object, and returns that object. Returns : Bio::Varitiation::SNP Args : NONE each_subsnp Title : each_subsnp Usage : @subsnps = $snp->each_subsnp() Function: returns a list of the subSNPs of a refSNP Returns : list Args : NONE perl v5.14.2 2012-03-02 Bio::Variation::SNP(3pm)
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