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SCD(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SCD(4)

scd -- Sony CDU31/33 CD-ROM driver SYNOPSIS
device scd In /boot/device.hints:"isa" hint.scd.0.port="0x230" DESCRIPTION
The scd driver provides a data interface to the Sony CDU31 and CDU33A CD-ROM drives. The drive must be hooked to a Sony proprietary inter- face card or a compatible clone. FILES
/dev/[r]scd0a accesses BSD partition on the disc. Normally, there is only one file system on a CDROM disc. /dev/[r]scd0c accesses the raw device. SEE ALSO
/sys/dev/scd/scd.c HISTORY
The scd driver first appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.5. AUTHORS
The driver was written by Mikael Hybsch with code contributed by Holger Veit and Brian Moore. BSD
March 17, 2008 BSD

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ACPI_SONY(4)						 BSD/i386 Kernel Interfaces Manual					      ACPI_SONY(4)

acpi_sony -- ACPI notebook controller driver for Sony laptops SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following line in your kernel configuration file: device acpi_sony Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): acpi_sony_load="YES" DESCRIPTION
The acpi_sony driver provides support for the notebook controller in Sony laptops. Note that not all features will work on all laptop mod- els. SYSCTLS
The following sysctl nodes are currently implemented: dev.acpi_sony.0.brightness Current brightness level of the display. dev.acpi_sony.0.brightness_default Default brightness level of the display (survives reboot). dev.acpi_sony.0.contrast Current contrast level of the display. dev.acpi_sony.0.bass_gain Enable or disable the Bass Gain feature. dev.acpi_sony.0.cdp Turns the CD power on or off. dev.acpi_sony.0.azp Turns the audio power on or off. dev.acpi_sony.0.lnp Turns the wired network interface power on or off. SEE ALSO
acpi(4), sysctl(8) HISTORY
The acpi_sony driver first appeared in FreeBSD 6.0. AUTHORS
The acpi_sony driver was written by Takanori Watanabe <>. BSD
February 7, 2010 BSD
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