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SCC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SCC(4)

scc -- driver for Serial Communications Controllers (SCC) devices SYNOPSIS
device scc device uart DESCRIPTION
The scc device driver provides support for various classes of SCCs. It is an umbrella driver that delegates control of each independent com- munication channel to subordinate drivers. These subordinate drivers, like uart(4), take care of the details of the communication itself. HARDWARE
The scc driver supports the following classes of SCCs: o SAB82532: Siemens SAB 82532 based serial communications controllers. o Z8530: Zilog 8530 based serial communications controllers. SEE ALSO
puc(4), uart(4) HISTORY
The scc device driver first appeared in FreeBSD 7.0. AUTHORS
The scc driver and this manual page were written by Marcel Moolenaar <>. BSD
March 29, 2006 BSD

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SCC(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    SCC(4)

scc -- Zilog 8530 Serial Communications Controller interface SYNOPSIS
scc* at ioasic? offset ? DESCRIPTION
The scc driver provides support for the Zilog 8530 Serial Communications Controller (SCC) via the IOASIC found on DECstation 5000 models in the /100, /20, and /240 series (supported by NetBSD/pmax). Each SCC device has two serial ports. The DECstation 5000 model 20 provides one SCC device. Other models provide two, but one port of each device is dedicated to mouse and keyboard input, respectively. Input and output for each line may set to one of following baud rates: 50, 75, 110, 134.5, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, or 57600. Speeds up to 230400 are supported by the chip and the motherboard, but speeds higher than 57600 do not work reliably without an external clock signal. FILES
/dev/ttya /dev/ttyb /dev/ttyc /dev/ttyd The mapping from units to serial-hardware outlets is idiosyncratic. The even ports are wired serial connectors and the odd-numbered ports are reserved for mouse and keyboard. On machines with one port like Personal DECstations, the single device is ttya. On the 5000/1xx and 5000/2xx, the first serial port (default serial console) is ttyc and the second port is ttya. SEE ALSO
intro(4), ioasic(4), ttys(5), MAKEDEV(8) HISTORY
The scc driver first appeared in 4.4BSD. The scc driver was also used for the IOASIC SCC found in DEC Alpha model 3000 TurboCHANNEL based systems; NetBSD/alpha has since been con- verted to use the machine-independent zstty(4). BUGS
The IOASIC provides internal DMA channels that can be programmed to transfer up to 4096 bytes of data into, or out, of an SCC without further software intervention. This feature of the IOASIC is not yet supported. The mapping from device-special files (major and minor number) to chip and port is arguably backwards. ULTRIX tries to hide the hardware mapping, but NetBSD does not. Users wanting to use ULTRIX compatible tty names /dev/tty0 and /dev/tty1 for the scc comm-port lines should make links or device-special files which match their hardware setup. BSD
April 24, 2003 BSD
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