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getparx(3x) [freebsd man page]

curs_legacy(3X) 														   curs_legacy(3X)

getattrs - get curses cursor and window coordinates, attributes SYNOPSIS
#include <curses.h> int getattrs(WINDOW *win); int getbegx(WINDOW *win); int getbegy(WINDOW *win); int getcurx(WINDOW *win); int getcury(WINDOW *win); int getmaxx(WINDOW *win); int getmaxy(WINDOW *win); int getparx(WINDOW *win); int getpary(WINDOW *win); DESCRIPTION
The getbegy and getbegx functions return the same data as getbegyx. The getcury and getcurx functions return the same data as getyx. The getmaxy and getmaxx functions return the same data as getmaxyx. The getpary and getparx functions return the same data as getparyx. RETURN VALUE
These functions return an integer, or ERR if the window parameter is null. NOTES
All of these interfaces are provided as macros and functions. The macros are suppressed (and only the functions provided) when NCURSES_OPAQUE is defined. The standard forms such as getyx must be implemented as macros, and (in this implementation) are defined in terms of the functions described here, to avoid reliance on internal details of the WINDOW structure. PORTABILITY
These functions were supported on Version 7, BSD or System V implementations. SEE ALSO
curses(3X), curs_getyx(3X), curs_opaque(3X) curs_legacy(3X)

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