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fixtof(3alleg4) [freebsd man page]

fixtof(3alleg4) 						  Allegro manual						   fixtof(3alleg4)

fixtof - Converts a fixed point to floating point. Allegro game programming library. SYNOPSIS
#include <allegro.h> double fixtof(fixed x); DESCRIPTION
Converts fixed point to floating point. Example: float result; /* This will put 33.33333 into `result'. */ result = fixtof(itofix(100) / 3); /* This will put 16.66666 into `result'. */ result = fixtof(itofix(100) / 6); SEE ALSO
ftofix(3alleg4), itofix(3alleg4), fixtoi(3alleg4), exfixed(3alleg4), exspline(3alleg4), exstars(3alleg4) Allegro version 4.4.2 fixtof(3alleg4)
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