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LIBXO(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  LIBXO(3)

xo_emit -- emit formatted output based on format string and arguments LIBRARY
library ``libxo'' SYNOPSIS
#include <libxo/xo.h> xo_handle_t * xo_create(unsigned style, unsigned flags); xo_handle_t * xo_create_to_file(FILE *fp, unsigned style, unsigned flags); void xo_destroy(xo_handle_t *handle); DESCRIPTION
A libxo handle can be allocated using the xo_create() function. Example: xo_handle_t *xop = xo_create(XO_STYLE_JSON, XOF_WARN); .... xo_emit_h(xop, "testing0); By default, libxo writes output to standard output. A convenience function is provided for situations when output should be written to a different file. Use the XOF_CLOSE_FP flag to trigger a call to fclose(3) for the FILE pointer when the handle is destroyed. The xo_destroy() function releases a handle and any resources it is using. Calling xo_destroy() with a NULL handle will release any resources associated with the default handle. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTATION
Complete documentation can be found on github: libxo lives on github as: The latest release of libxo is available at: SEE ALSO
xo_emit(3), xo_set_options(3) HISTORY
The libxo library was added in FreeBSD 11.0. AUTHOR
Phil Shafer BSD
December 4, 2014 BSD

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