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pthread_rwlock_destroy(3) [freebsd man page]


pthread_rwlock_destroy -- destroy a read/write lock LIBRARY
POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, -lpthread) SYNOPSIS
#include <pthread.h> int pthread_rwlock_destroy(pthread_rwlock_t *lock); DESCRIPTION
The pthread_rwlock_destroy() function is used to destroy a read/write lock previously created with pthread_rwlock_init(). RETURN VALUES
If successful, the pthread_rwlock_destroy() function will return zero. Otherwise an error number will be returned to indicate the error. ERRORS
The pthread_rwlock_destroy() function will fail if: [EPERM] The caller does not have the privilege to perform the operation. The pthread_rwlock_destroy() function may fail if: [EBUSY] The system has detected an attempt to destroy the object referenced by lock while it is locked. [EINVAL] The value specified by lock is invalid. SEE ALSO
pthread_rwlock_init(3) STANDARDS
The pthread_rwlock_destroy() function is expected to conform to Version 2 of the Single UNIX Specification (``SUSv2''). HISTORY
The pthread_rwlock_destroy() function first appeared in FreeBSD 3.0. BSD
August 4, 1998 BSD

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