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pmc_name_of_disposition(3) [freebsd man page]

PMC_NAME_OF_CAPABILITY(3)				   BSD Library Functions Manual 				 PMC_NAME_OF_CAPABILITY(3)

pmc_name_of_capability, pmc_name_of_class, pmc_name_of_cputype, pmc_name_of_disposition, pmc_name_of_event, pmc_name_of_mode, pmc_name_of_state -- human readable names for numeric constants used by pmc(3) and hwpmc(4) LIBRARY
Performance Counters Library (libpmc, -lpmc) SYNOPSIS
#include <pmc.h> const char * pmc_name_of_capability(enum pmc_caps pc); const char * pmc_name_of_class(enum pmc_class pc); const char * pmc_name_of_cputype(enum pmc_cputype ct); const char * pmc_name_of_disposition(enum pmc_disp pd); const char * pmc_name_of_event(enum pmc_event pe); const char * pmc_name_of_mode(enum pmc_mode pm); const char * pmc_name_of_state(enum pmc_state ps); DESCRIPTION
These convenience functions translate numeric constants used by the Performance Counters Library (libpmc, -lpmc) to const char * pointers to human readable representations of their arguments. Function pmc_name_of_capability() translates a PMC capability flag given in argument pc to a human readable string. PMC capabilities are described in pmc(3). Function pmc_name_of_class() translates the PMC class value specified in argument pc to a human readable name. PMC classes are described in pmc(3). Function pmc_name_of_cputype() translates the CPU type value specified in argument ct to a human readable name. CPU types known to the library are described in pmc(3). Function pmc_name_of_disposition() translates the PMC row disposition specified in argument pd to a human readable name. PMC row disposi- tions are described in hwpmc(4). Function pmc_name_of_event() translates the PMC event number specified by argument pe to a string. PMC event names are documented in section EVENT SPECIFIERS of pmc(3). Function pmc_name_of_mode() translates the PMC mode specified by argument pm to a human readable string. PMC modes are described in pmc(3). Function pmc_name_of_state() translates the value of argument ps to a human readable name. IMPLEMENTATION NOTES
The returned pointers point to static storage inside the PMC library and should not be freed by the caller. RETURN VALUES
These functions return a non-NULL pointer on successful completion. In case of an error, a NULL pointer is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
A call to these functions may fail with the following errors: [EINVAL] The function argument specified an invalid value. SEE ALSO
pmc(3), pmc_cpuinfo(3), pmc_pmcinfo(3), hwpmc(4) BSD
November 24, 2007 BSD

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