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MAC_IS_PRESENT(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					 MAC_IS_PRESENT(3)

mac_is_present -- report whether the running system has MAC support LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/mac.h> int mac_is_present(const char *policyname); DESCRIPTION
The mac_is_present() function determines whether the currently-running kernel supports MAC for a given policy or not. If policyname is non-NULL, the presence of the named policy (e.g. ``biba'', ``mls'', ``te'') is checked, otherwise the presence of any MAC policies at all is checked. RETURN VALUES
If the system supports the given MAC policy, the value 1 is returned. If the specified MAC policy is not supported, the value 0 is returned. If an error occurs, the value -1 is returned. ERRORS
[EINVAL] The value of policyname is not valid. [ENOMEM] Insufficient memory was available to allocate internal storage. SEE ALSO
mac(3), mac_free(3), mac_get(3), mac_prepare(3), mac_set(3), mac_text(3), mac(4), mac(9) HISTORY
Support for Mandatory Access Control was introduced in FreeBSD 5.0 as part of the TrustedBSD Project. BSD
July 7, 2006 BSD

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