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libugidfw(3) [freebsd man page]

LIBUGIDFW(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					      LIBUGIDFW(3)

libugidfw -- library interface to the file system firewall MAC policy LIBRARY
File System Firewall Interface Library (libugidfw, -lugidfw) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <security/mac_bsdextended/mac_bsdextended.h> #include <ugidfw.h> DESCRIPTION
The libugidfw library routines provide an interface to the mac_bsdextended(4) file system firewall MAC policy. The libugidfw library defines the following functions: bsde_rule_to_string() Converts the internal representation of a rule (struct mac_bsdextended_rule) into its text representation; see bsde_rule_to_string(3). bsde_parse_rule() Parses an entire rule (in argument array form); see bsde_parse_rule(3). bsde_parse_rule_string() Parses an entire rule string; see bsde_parse_rule_string(3). bsde_get_rule_count() Returns the total number of ugidfw rules being enforced in the system; see bsde_get_rule_count(3). bsde_get_rule_slots() Returns the total number of used rule slots; see bsde_get_rule_slots(3). bsde_get_rule() Returns a rule by its rule number; see bsde_get_rule(3). bsde_delete_rule() Deletes a rule by its rule number; see bsde_delete_rule(3). bsde_set_rule() Uploads the rule to the mac_bsdextended(4) module and applies it; see bsde_set_rule(3). bsde_add_rule() Upload the rule to the module, automatically selecting the next available rule number; see bsde_add_rule(3). SEE ALSO
bsde_delete_rule(3), bsde_get_rule(3), bsde_get_rule_count(3), bsde_get_rule_slots(3), bsde_parse_rule(3), bsde_parse_rule_string(3), bsde_rule_to_string(3), bsde_set_rule(3) AUTHORS
This software was contributed to the FreeBSD Project by Network Associates Labs, the Security Research Division of Network Associates Inc. under DARPA/SPAWAR contract N66001-01-C-8035 (``CBOSS''), as part of the DARPA CHATS research program. BSD
February 25, 2004 BSD

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