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inet6_rthdr_reverse(3) [freebsd man page]

INET6_RTHDR_SPACE(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				      INET6_RTHDR_SPACE(3)

inet6_rthdr_space, inet6_rthdr_init, inet6_rthdr_add, inet6_rthdr_lasthop, inet6_rthdr_reverse, inet6_rthdr_segments, inet6_rthdr_getaddr, inet6_rthdr_getflags -- IPv6 Routing Header Options Manipulation DESCRIPTION
The RFC 2292 IPv6 Advanced API has been deprecated in favor of the newer, RFC 3542 APIs documented in inet6_rth_space(3). On platforms that support it, currently only FreeBSD, please use the newer API to manipulate routing header options. SEE ALSO
inet6_rth_space(3) BSD
January 24, 2005 BSD

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