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feature_present(3) [freebsd man page]

FEATURE_PRESENT(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					FEATURE_PRESENT(3)

feature_present -- query presence of a kernel feature LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> int feature_present(const char *feature); DESCRIPTION
The feature_present() function provides a method for an application to determine if a specific kernel feature is present in the currently running kernel. The feature argument specifies the name of the feature to check. The feature_present() function will return 1 if the speci- fied feature is present, otherwise it will return 0. If the feature_present() function is not able to determine the presence of feature due to an internal error it will return 0. RETURN VALUES
If feature is present then 1 is returned; otherwise 0 is returned. SEE ALSO
sysconf(3), sysctl(3) HISTORY
The feature_present() function first appeared in FreeBSD 8.0. BSD
January 8, 2008 BSD

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Feature(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						Feature(3)

Gimp::Feature - check for specific features to be present before registering the script. SYNOPSIS
use Gimp::Feature; or use Gimp::Feature qw(feature1 feature2 ...); DESCRIPTION
This module can be used to check for specific features to be present. This can be used to deny running the script when neccessary features are not present. While some features can be checked for at any time, the Gimp::Fu module offers a nicer way to check for them. "gtk" checks for the presence of the gtk interface module. "gtk-1.1", "gtk-1.2" checks for the presence of gtk-1.1 (1.2) or higher. "perl-5.005" checks for perl version 5.005 or higher. "pdl" checks for the presence of a suitable version of PDL (>=1.9906). "gnome" checks for the presence of the Gnome-Perl module. "gtkxmhtl" checks for the presence of the Gtk::XmHTML module. "unix" checks wether the script runs on a unix-like operating system. At the moment, this is every system except windows, macos, os2 and vms. "persistency" checks wether the "Gimp::Data" module (Gimp::Data) can handle complex persistent data structures, i.e. perl references in addition to plain strings. The following features can only be checked after "Gimp-"main> has been called (usually found in the form "exit main"). See Gimp::Fu on how to check for these. "gimp-1.1", "gimp-1.2" checks for the presense of gimp in at least version 1.1 (1.2). FUNCTIONS present(feature) Checks for the presense of the single feature given as the argument. Returns true if the feature is present, false otherwise. need(feature,[function-name]) Require a specific feature. If the required feature is not present the program will exit gracefully, logging an appropriate message. You can optionally supply a function name to further specify the place where this feature was missing. This is the function used when importing symbols from the module. missing(feature-description,[function-name]) Indicates that a generic feature (described by the first argument) is missing. A function name can further be specified. This function will log the given message and exit gracefully. describe(feature) Returns a string describing the given feature in more detail, or undef if there is no description for this feature. list() Returns a list of features that can be checked for. This list might not be complete. AUTHOR
Marc Lehmann <> SEE ALSO
perl(1), Gimp(1). perl v5.8.0 1999-11-22 Feature(3)

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