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erf(3) [freebsd man page]

ERF(3)							   BSD Library Functions Manual 						    ERF(3)

erf, erff, erfl, erfc, erfcf, erfcl -- error function operators LIBRARY
Math Library (libm, -lm) SYNOPSIS
#include <math.h> double erf(double x); float erff(float x); long double erfl(long double x); double erfc(double x); float erfcf(float x); long double erfcl(long double x); DESCRIPTION
These functions calculate the error function of x. The erf(), erff(), and erfl() functions calculate the error function of x; where erf(x) = 2/sqrt(pi)*integral from 0 to x of exp(-t*t) dt. The erfc(), erfcf(), and erfcl() functions calculate the complementary error function of x; that is erfc() subtracts the result of the error function erf(x) from 1.0. SEE ALSO
math(3) HISTORY
The erf() and erfc() functions appeared in 4.3BSD. BSD
July 13, 2014 BSD

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