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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for elf_openmemory (freebsd section 3)

ELF_OPEN(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					       ELF_OPEN(3)

elf_open -- open ELF objects and ar(1) archives
ELF Access Library (libelf, -lelf)
#include <libelf.h> Elf * elf_open(int fd); Elf * elf_openmemory(char *image, size_t sz);
Important: The functions elf_open() and elf_openmemory() are extensions to the ELF(3) API, for the internal use of the Elftoolchain project. Portable applications should not use these functions. The function elf_open() returns an Elf descriptor opened with mode ELF_C_READ for the ELF object or ar(1) archive referenced by the file descriptor in argument fd. The function elf_openmemory() returns an ELF descriptor opened with mode ELF_C_READ for the ELF object or ar(1) archive contained in the mem- ory area pointed to by the argument image. The argument sz specifies the size of the memory area in bytes.
These functions are non-standard extensions to the ELF(3) API set. The behavior of these functions differs from their counterparts elf_begin(3) and elf_memory(3) in that these functions will successfully open malformed ELF objects and ar(1) archives, returning an Elf descriptor of type ELF_K_NONE.
The function returns a pointer to a ELF descriptor if successful, or NULL if an error occurred.
These functions can fail with the following errors: [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] The argument fd was of an unsupported file type. [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] The argument sz was zero, or the argument image was NULL. [ELF_E_IO] The file descriptor in argument fd was invalid. [ELF_E_IO] The file descriptor in argument fd could not be read. [ELF_E_RESOURCE] An out of memory condition was encountered. [ELF_E_SEQUENCE] Functions elf_open() or elf_openmemory() was called before a working version was established with elf_version(3).
elf(3), elf_begin(3), elf_errno(3), elf_memory(3), gelf(3)
May 31, 2012 BSD

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