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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for elf32_getehdr (freebsd section 3)

GELF_GETEHDR(3) 					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					   GELF_GETEHDR(3)

elf32_getehdr, elf64_getehdr, gelf_getehdr -- retrieve the object file header
ELF Access Library (libelf, -lelf)
#include <libelf.h> Elf32_Ehdr * elf32_getehdr(Elf *elf); Elf64_Ehdr * elf64_getehdr(Elf *elf); #include <gelf.h> GElf_Ehdr * gelf_getehdr(Elf *elf, GElf_Ehdr *dst);
These functions retrieve the ELF object file header from the ELF descriptor elf and return a translated header descriptor to their callers. Functions elf32_getehdr() and elf64_getehdr() return a pointer to the appropriate class-specific header descriptor if it exists in the file referenced by descriptor elf. These functions return NULL if an ELF header was not found in file elf. Function gelf_getehdr() stores a translated copy of the header for ELF file elf into the descriptor pointed to by argument dst. It returns argument dst if successful or NULL in case of failure.
These functions return a pointer to a translated header descriptor if successful, or NULL on failure.
These functions can fail with the following errors: [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] The argument elf was null. [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] Argument elf was not a descriptor for an ELF file. [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] The elf class of descriptor elf was not recognized. [ELF_E_ARGUMENT] Argument dst was null. [ELF_E_CLASS] The ELF class of descriptor elf did not match that of the API function being called. [ELF_E_HEADER] ELF descriptor elf does not have an associated header. [ELF_E_RESOURCE] An out of memory condition was detected during execution. [ELF_E_SECTION] The ELF descriptor in argument elf did not adhere to the conventions used for extended numbering. [ELF_E_VERSION] The ELF descriptor elf had an unsupported ELF version number.
elf(3), elf32_newehdr(3), elf64_newehdr(3), elf_flagehdr(3), elf_getident(3), gelf(3), gelf_newehdr(3), elf(5)
December 16, 2006 BSD

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