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DWARF_GET_AT_NAME(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				      DWARF_GET_AT_NAME(3)

dwarf_get_ACCESS_name, dwarf_get_AT_name, dwarf_get_ATE_name, dwarf_get_CC_name, dwarf_get_CFA_name, dwarf_get_CHILDREN_name, dwarf_get_DS_name, dwarf_get_DSC_name, dwarf_get_EH_name, dwarf_get_END_name, dwarf_get_FORM_name, dwarf_get_ID_name, dwarf_get_INL_name, dwarf_get_LANG_name, dwarf_get_LNE_name, dwarf_get_LNS_name, dwarf_get_MACINFO_name, dwarf_get_OP_name, dwarf_get_ORD_name, dwarf_get_TAG_name, dwarf_get_VIRTUALITY_name, dwarf_get_VIS_name -- retrieve the symbolic names of DWARF constants LIBRARY
DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf) SYNOPSIS
#include <libdwarf.h> int dwarf_get_ACCESS_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_AT_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_ATE_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_CC_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_CFA_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_CHILDREN_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_DS_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_DSC_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_EH_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_END_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_FORM_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_ID_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_INL_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_LANG_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_LNE_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_LNS_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_MACINFO_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_OP_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_ORD_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_TAG_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_VIRTUALITY_name(unsigned val, char **str); int dwarf_get_VIS_name(unsigned val, char **str); DESCRIPTION
These functions return the symbolic name of a numeric DWARF constant. Argument val specifies the numeric value whose symbolic name is desired. Argument str should point to a location which will hold the returned NUL-terminated string containing the symbolic name of the specified value. The list of functions and the DWARF constants that they accept are: dwarf_get_ACCESS_name() DW_ACCESS_* constants. dwarf_get_AT_name() DW_AT_* constants. dwarf_get_ATE_name() DW_ATE_* constants. dwarf_get_CC_name() DW_CC_* constants. dwarf_get_CFA_name() DW_CFA_* constants. dwarf_get_CHILDREN_name() DW_CHILDREN_* constants. dwarf_get_DS_name() DW_DS_* constants. dwarf_get_DSC_name() DW_DSC_* constants. dwarf_get_EH_name() DW_EH_PE_* constants. dwarf_get_END_name() DW_END_* constants. dwarf_get_FORM_name() DW_FORM_* constants. dwarf_get_ID_name() DW_ID_* constants. dwarf_get_INL_name() DW_INL_* constants. dwarf_get_LANG_name() DW_LANG_* constants. dwarf_get_LNE_name() DW_LNE_* constants. dwarf_get_LNS_name() DW_LNS_* constants. dwarf_get_MACINFO_name() DW_MACINFO_* constants. dwarf_get_OP_name() DW_OP_* constants. dwarf_get_ORD_name() DW_ORD_* constants. dwarf_get_TAG_name() DW_TAG_* constants. dwarf_get_VIRTUALITY_name() DW_VIRTUALITY_* constants. dwarf_get_VIS_name() DW_VIS_* constants. RETURN VALUES
These functions return DW_DLV_OK on success. If the DWARF constant denoted by argument val is not recognized, these function return DW_DLV_NO_ENTRY. SEE ALSO
dwarf(3) BSD
April 22, 2011 BSD

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