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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for dwarf_diename (freebsd section 3)

DWARF_DIENAME(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					  DWARF_DIENAME(3)

dwarf_diename -- retrieve the name associated with a debugging information entry
DWARF Access Library (libdwarf, -ldwarf)
#include <libdwarf.h> int dwarf_diename(Dwarf_Die die, char **ret_name, Dwarf_Error *err);
Function dwarf_diename() retrieves a pointer to the NUL-terminated string associated with the DW_AT_name attribute of the debugging informa- tion entry descriptor referenced by argument die. If the pointer was successfully retrieved, it is stored in the location pointed to by argument ret_name.
Function dwarf_diename() returns DW_DLV_OK on success. If the debugging information entry descriptor denoted by argument die does not contain a DW_AT_name attribute, the function returns DW_DLV_NO_ENTRY and sets argument err. For other errors, it returns DW_DLV_ERROR and sets argument err.
Function dwarf_diename() can fail with the following errors: [DW_DLE_ARGUMENT] Either of arguments die or ret_name was NULL. [DW_DLE_NO_ENTRY] Argument die had no DW_AT_name attribute.
dwarf(3), dwarf_tag(3), dwarf_dieoffset(3), dwarf_die_abbrev_code(3)
March 31, 2010 BSD

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