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atfstkintro(3) [freebsd man page]

atfstk_intro(3) 					       AtFS Toolkit Library						   atfstk_intro(3)

AtFSTK - introduction to the AtFS (Attribute Filesystem) Toolkit Library SYNOPSIS
#include <atfs.h> #include <atfstk.h> char* atVersion (void); void atError (int code; char *msg); int atErrno; char *atErrMsg; int atBindError; char atBindErrorMsg[]; DESCRIPTION
The AtFS Toolkit library (AtFStk) is a library of functions defined on top of the Attribute Filesystem (AtFS). It is designed to facilitate the contruction of AtFS application programs. atVersion returns a version identification string for the AtFS Toolkit library. atError assigns the given error code and the error message msg to the global variables atErrno and atErrMsg. Note: The given error message string (msg) is not copied. atError just assigns its address to atErrMsg. The application has to care about the persistence of the message buffer assigned to atErrMsg. atBindError is a flag indicating that something went wrong during the execution of a function from the version binding subsystem (see atbind(3) and atbindrule(3)). When atBindError is set TRUE, atBindErrorMsg holds an explaining error message. The atBindError flag is cleared upon successfull calls, the message buffer remains unchanged. LIST OF FUNCTIONS AND VARIABLES
Name Appears on PageDescription atAttrName atattribute.3 return name part of attribute atAttrValue atattribute.3 return value part of attribute atBindAddRule atbindrule.3 add version binding rule to internal database atBindCache atbind.3 perform version binding on object cache atBindDelRule atbindrule.3 delete version binding rule from internal database atBindDisplayErrors atbindrule.3report errors while parsing version binding rules (variable) atBindError atfstkintro.3 Version binding error flag (variable) atBindErrorMsg atfstkintro.3Version binding error message (variable) atBindExpandMacro atbind.3external function for macro expansion (variable) atBindListRules atbindrule.3list names of all known version binding rules atBindModeOption atbind.3version binding mode (variable) atBindNoMsg atbind.3 suppress output from version binding rules (variable) atBindOptions atbind.3 parse version binding options from command line atBindRuleFile atbindrule.3evaluate file containing version binding rules atBindSet atbind.3 perform nonunique version binding atBindSetArgv atbind.3 perprocess command line with version binding atBindShowRules atbindrule.3dump internal database of version binding rules atBindTestRule atbindrule.3test existence of version binding rule atBindTrace atbind.3 trace version binding (variable) atBindUsage atbind.3 print usage for version binding options atBindVersion atbind.3 perform unique version binding atCacheKey atcache.3 return unique key attribute atDelVersAlias atversion.3delete version alias name atErrno atfstkintro.3 AtFStk error code (variable) atError atfstkintro.3 set AtFStk error code and message atErrMsg atfstkintro.3 AtFStk error message (variable) atExpand atexpand.3 switch attribute expansion on/off (variable) atExpandAttrs atexpand.3 expand attribue citations in string atFileClassExt atclass.3return file class symbol atFreeAttr atattribute.3 recycle memory of attribute string atGen atversion.3 get generation number from compact representation atIsDerived atclass.3 check if object is from a derived object cache atLocalPath atnetwork.3 map network path to local path atMatchAttr atattribute.3 check if attribute value matches given pattern atNetworkPath atnetwork.3 generate network wide path atRev atversion.3 get revision number from compact representation atRetAttr atattribute.3 return attribute value atSaveCache atcache.3 save object to derived object cache and attach key atScanBinding atbind.3 scan version bind directive atScanStatus atprint.3 scan status string atScanUser atuser.3 scan user name atSetAttr atattribute.3 set or modify attribute atSetAttrFile atattribute.3 set or modify attributes with input from file atSetComment atlog.3 set description, intent or log text atSetVersAlias atversion.3set version alias name atUnlock atlog.3 unlock attributed software object atUserName atuser.3 get user name from user name atUserUid atuser.3 get user id from user structure atUserValid atuser.3 test if user structure is valid atVersion atfstkintro.3 return AtFStk version identification string atVno atversion.3 generate compact version number representation atWriteDate atprint.3 generate string representation of date attribute atWriteMode atprint.3 generate string representation of mode attribute atWriteName atprint.3 write name and path attribute atWriteStatus atprint.3 generate string representation of status attribute SEE ALSO
afintro(3) AUTHOR AtFStk-1.12 Fri Jun 25 16:39:27 1993 atfstk_intro(3)
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