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ARCHIVE_READ_FILTER(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				    ARCHIVE_READ_FILTER(3)

archive_read_support_filter_all, archive_read_support_filter_bzip2, archive_read_support_filter_compress, archive_read_support_filter_gzip, archive_read_support_filter_lzma, archive_read_support_filter_none, archive_read_support_filter_xz, archive_read_support_filter_program, archive_read_support_filter_program_signature -- functions for reading streaming archives LIBRARY
Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive) SYNOPSIS
#include <archive.h> int archive_read_support_filter_all(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_bzip2(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_compress(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_gzip(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_lzma(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_none(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_xz(struct archive *); int archive_read_support_filter_program(struct archive *, const char *cmd); int archive_read_support_filter_program_signature(struct archive *, const char *cmd, const void *signature, size_t signature_length); DESCRIPTION
archive_read_support_filter_bzip2(), archive_read_support_filter_compress(), archive_read_support_filter_gzip(), archive_read_support_filter_lzma(), archive_read_support_filter_none(), archive_read_support_filter_xz() Enables auto-detection code and decompression support for the specified compression. These functions may fall back on external pro- grams if an appropriate library was not available at build time. Decompression using an external program is usually slower than decompression through built-in libraries. Note that ``none'' is always enabled by default. archive_read_support_filter_all() Enables all available decompression filters. archive_read_support_filter_program() Data is fed through the specified external program before being dearchived. Note that this disables automatic detection of the com- pression format, so it makes no sense to specify this in conjunction with any other decompression option. archive_read_support_filter_program_signature() This feeds data through the specified external program but only if the initial bytes of the data match the specified signature value. RETURN VALUES
These functions return ARCHIVE_OK if the compression is fully supported, ARCHIVE_WARN if the compression is supported only through an exter- nal program. archive_read_support_filter_none() always succeeds. ERRORS
Detailed error codes and textual descriptions are available from the archive_errno() and archive_error_string() functions. SEE ALSO
libarchive(3), archive_read(3), archive_read_data(3), archive_read_format(3), archive_read_format(3) BSD
February 2, 2012 BSD

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