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archive_entry_update_symlink_utf8(3) [freebsd man page]

ARCHIVE_ENTRY_PATHS(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				    ARCHIVE_ENTRY_PATHS(3)

archive_entry_hardlink, archive_entry_hardlink_w, archive_entry_set_hardlink, archive_entry_copy_hardlink, archive_entry_copy_hardlink_w, archve_entry_update_hardlink_utf8, archive_entry_set_link, archive_entry_copy_link, archive_entry_copy_link_w, archve_entry_update_link_utf8, archive_entry_pathname, archive_entry_pathname_w, archive_entry_set_pathname, archive_entry_copy_pathname, archive_entry_copy_pathname_w, archve_entry_update_pathname_utf8, archive_entry_sourcepath, archive_entry_copy_sourcepath, archive_entry_symlink, archive_entry_symlink_w, archive_entry_set_symlink, archive_entry_copy_symlink, archive_entry_copy_symlink_w, archve_entry_update_symlink_utf8 -- functions for manip- ulating path names in archive entry descriptions LIBRARY
Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive) SYNOPSIS
#include <archive_entry.h> const char * archive_entry_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_hardlink_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_hardlink_w(struct archive_entry *a, const, wchar_t, *path"); int archive_entry_update_hardlink_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_set_link(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_link(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_link_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_link_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_pathname(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_pathname_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_pathname(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_pathname(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_pathname_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_pathname_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_sourcepath(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_copy_sourcepath(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_symlink(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_symlink_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_symlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_symlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_symlink_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_symlink_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); DESCRIPTION
Path names supported by archive_entry(3): hardlink Destination of the hardlink. link Update only. For a symlink, update the destination. Otherwise, make the entry a hardlink and alter the destination for that. pathname Path in the archive sourcepath Path on the disk for use by archive_read_disk(3). symlink Destination of the symbolic link. Path names can be provided in one of three different ways: char * Multibyte strings in the current locale. wchar_t * Wide character strings in the current locale. The accessor functions are named XXX_w(). UTF-8 Unicode strings encoded as UTF-8. This are convience functions to update both the multibyte and wide character strings at the same time. The sourcepath is a pure filesystem concept and never stored in an archive directly. For that reason, it is only available as multibyte string. The link path is a convience function for conditionally setting hardlink or sym- link destination. It doesn't have a corresponding get accessor function. archive_entry_set_XXX() is an alias for archive_entry_copy_XXX(). SEE ALSO
archive(3), archive_entry(3) BSD
February 2, 2012 BSD
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