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uuxqt(1m) [freebsd man page]

uuxqt(1M)						  System Administration Commands						 uuxqt(1M)

uuxqt - execute remote command requests SYNOPSIS
/usr/lib/uucp/uuxqt [-s system] [-x debug-level] DESCRIPTION
uuxqt is the program that executes remote job requests from remote systems generated by the use of the uux command. (mail uses uux for remote mail requests). uuxqt searches the spool directories looking for execution requests. For each request, uuxqt checks to see if all the required data files are available, accessible, and the requested commands are permitted for the requesting system. The Permissions file is used to validate file accessibility and command execution permission. There are two environment variables that are set before the uuxqt command is executed: o UU_MACHINE is the machine that sent the job (the previous one). o UU_USER is the user that sent the job. These can be used in writing commands that remote systems can execute to provide information, auditing, or restrictions. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -s system Specifies the remote system name. -x debug-level debug-level is a number from 0 to 9. Higher numbers give more detailed debugging information. FILES
/etc/uucp/Limits /etc/uucp/Permissions /var/spool/locks/* /var/spool/uucp/* ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWbnuu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
mail(1), uucp(1C), uustat(1C), uux(1C), uucico(1M), attributes(5) SunOS 5.10 19 May 1993 uuxqt(1M)

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uuxqt(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  uuxqt(8)

uuxqt - UUCP execution daemon SYNOPSIS
uuxqt [ options ] DESCRIPTION
The uuxqt daemon executes commands requested by uux (1) from either the local system or from remote systems. It is started automatically by the uucico (8) daemon (unless uucico (8) is given the -q or --nouuxqt option). There is normally no need to run this command, since it will be invoked by uucico (8). However, it can be used to provide greater control over the processing of the work queue. Multiple invocations of uuxqt may be run at once, as controlled by the max-uuxqts configuration command. OPTIONS
The following options may be given to uuxqt. -c command, --command command Only execute requests for the specified command. For example: uuxqt --command rmail -s system, --system system Only execute requests originating from the specified system. -x type, --debug type Turn on particular debugging types. The following types are recognized: abnormal, chat, handshake, uucp-proto, proto, port, config, spooldir, execute, incoming, outgoing. Only abnormal, config, spooldir and execute are meaningful for uuxqt. Multiple types may be given, separated by commas, and the --debug option may appear multiple times. A number may also be given, which will turn on that many types from the foregoing list; for example, --debug 2 is equivalent to --debug abnormal,chat. The debugging output is sent to the debugging file, which may be printed using uulog -D. -I file, --config Set configuration file to use. This option may not be available, depending upon how uuxqt was compiled. -v, --version Report version information and exit. --help Print a help message and exit. SEE ALSO
uucp(1), uux(1), uucico(8) AUTHOR
Ian Lance Taylor ( Taylor UUCP 1.07 uuxqt(8)
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