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SQ(1)							      General Commands Manual							     SQ(1)

sq, unsq - squeeze or unsqueeze a sorted word list SYNOPSIS
sq < infile > outfile unsq < infile > outfile DESCRIPTION
sq compresses a sorted list of words (a dictionary). For example: sort -u /usr/share/dict/words | sq | gzip -9 > words.sq.gz will compress dict by about a factor of 5. unsq uncompress the output of sq. For example: gunzip < words.sq.gz | unsq | sort -f -o words will uncompress a dictionary compressed with sq. The squeezing is achieved by eliminating common prefixes, and replacing them with a single character which encodes the number of characters shared with the preceding word. The prefix size is encoded as a single printable character: 0-9 represent 0-9, A-Z represent 10-35, and a- z represent 36-61. BUGS
sq and unsq can only handle words of up to 256 characters. The input must be sorted, and duplicates must be suppressed. AUTHOR
Mike Wexler SEE ALSO
compress(1), sort(1). LOCAL SQ(1)

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look(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   look(1)

look - Finds lines in a sorted list SYNOPSIS
look [-df] [-tcharacter] string [file] The look command prints all lines in a sorted file that begin with string. OPTIONS
Uses dictionary order; only letters, digits, tabs, and spaces are used in comparisons. Searches without regard to case; treats uppercase and lowercase as equivalent. Ignores character and characters following it in the search string. If you specify look -tC ABCDE, the string ABCDE would become (in effect) AB, with CDE being ignored. This option is primarily for shell scripts, in which more than one string is being processed. DESCRIPTION
If no file is specified, look searches in the system word list /usr/share/dict/words, with the options -df assumed by default. The look command uses binary search. The -d and -f options affect comparisons as in sort. NOTES
In order to use the -f option, you must first sort file with the sort -f command; otherwise, look displays only lowercase items. If you do not specify -f, but specify a file (such as /usr/share/dict/words) that has been sorted with sort -f, look may not produce any output. EXAMPLES
To search a sorted file called sortfile for all lines that begin with the string as, enter: look as sortfile To search the system word list for all words beginning with smi, enter: look smi This might result in: smile smirk smith smithereens Smithfield Smithson smithy smitten FILES
System word list. SEE ALSO
Commands: grep(1), sort(1), spell(1) look(1)
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