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soeliminate(1) [freebsd man page]

SOELIMINATE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					    SOELIMINATE(1)

soeliminate -- interpret .so directive in manpages SYNOPSIS
soeliminate [-Crtv] [-I dir] [files ...] DESCRIPTION
soeliminate reads files lines by lines. If a line starts by: ``.so anotherfile'' it replace the line by processing ``anotherfile''. Otherwise the line is printed to stdout. -C Compatibility with GNU groff's soelim(1) (does nothing). -r Compatibility with GNU groff's soelim(1) (does nothing). -t Compatibility with GNU groff's soelim(1) (does nothing). -v Compatibility with GNU groff's soelim(1) (does nothing). -I dir This option specify directories where soeliminate searches for files (both those on the command line and those named in ``.so'' directive.) This options may be specified multiple times. The directories will be searched in the order specified. The files are always searched first in the current directory. A file specified with an absolute path will be opened directly without performing a search. SEE ALSO
mandoc(1), soelim(1) BSD
November 22, 2014 BSD

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SOELIM(1)						      General Commands Manual							 SOELIM(1)

soelim - interpret .so requests in groff input SYNOPSIS
soelim [ -Cv ] [ -Idir ] [ files... ] It is possible to have whitespace between the -I command line option and its parameter. DESCRIPTION
soelim reads files and replaces lines of the form .so file by the contents of file. It is useful if files included with so need to be preprocessed. Normally, soelim should be invoked with the -s option of groff. Note that there must be no whitespace between the leading dot and the two characters `s' and `o'. Otherwise, only groff interprets the .so request (and soelim ignores it). OPTIONS
-C Recognize .so even when followed by a character other than space or newline. -Idir This option may be used to specify a directory to search for files (both those on the command line and those named in .so lines). The current directory is always searched first. This option may be specified more than once, the directories will be searched in the order specified. No directory search is performed for files specified using an absolute path. -v Print the version number. SEE ALSO
groff(1) Groff Version 1.18.1 27 June 2001 SOELIM(1)
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