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PMC_COUNTER_STUDY(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 				      PMC_COUNTER_STUDY(1)

pmc_counter_study -- Perform various study's on a systems overall PMC's. SYNOPSIS
pmc_counter_study DESCRIPTION
The pmc_counter_study The pmc_counter_study program is designed to run various tests against your systems performance. There are roughly 20-22 canned tests that setup specific PMC's and then run various formulas on the output information. These formulas can be found in Intel documentation "Using Intel Vtune amplifier xe on NNN Generation Intel Core Processors". The NNN is either 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation i.e. Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge and Haswell. Currently the program only works on these three Intel processor types. You can see the complete list of formula's by running the program with the -H option. If you know a formula name you can run it by typing -e name. If you know a name and want what the formula is you can run the program with -e name -h and the program will not run but it will tell you what that name will do (if known). The -T option can be used to test all PMC's that are known to your system. When running a test you will want to specify -m N where N is the number of 1 second samples to collect and analize (it bounds the time the test runs). Finally for those that have there own ideas on what formulas that you want to run you can type your own formula in with -E "formula". The formula can declare directly the PMC's by name or you can use an abbreviation %NNN. To find out the abbreviations on your system you may run pmc_counter_study -L and it will tell you each PMC name and the abbreviation you can use. An example of a formula of your own might be -E "FP_ASSIST.ANY / INST_RETIRED.ANY_P" <or short hand on Haswell> -E " %176 / %150". You must have spaces between each entry and you may use paraenthisis to prioritize the operators. Add (+), Sub- tract (-1), Divide (/) and Multiplication (*) is supported. You may also introduce constant numbers as well. So for example you can do a standard efficency test like -E "UOPS_RETIRED.RETIRE_SLOTS / (4 * CPU_CLK_UNHALTED.THREAD_P)". BSD
Dec 2, 2014 BSD

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PMC_READ(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					       PMC_READ(3)

pmc_read, pmc_rw, pmc_write, -- read and write hardware performance counters LIBRARY
Performance Counters Library (libpmc, -lpmc) SYNOPSIS
#include <pmc.h> int pmc_read(pmc_id_t pmc, pmc_value_t *value); int pmc_rw(pmc_id_t pmc, pmc_value_t newvalue, pmc_value_t *oldvaluep); int pmc_write(pmc_id_t pmc, pmc_value_t value); DESCRIPTION
These functions read and write the current value of a PMC. Function pmc_read() will read the current value of the PMC specified by argument pmc and write it to the location specified by argument value. Function pmc_write() will set the current value of the PMC specified by argument pmc to the value specified by argument value. Function pmc_rw() combines a read and a write into a single atomic operation. For write operations the PMC should be a quiescent state. RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, the value 0 is returned; otherwise the value -1 is returned and the global variable errno is set to indicate the error. ERRORS
A call to these functions may fail with the following errors: [EBUSY] A write operation specified a currently running PMC. [EINVAL] Argument pmc specified a PMC not in a readable state. [EINVAL] The PMC specified by argument pmc was not owned by the current process. SEE ALSO
pmc(3), hwpmc(4) BSD
November 25, 2007 BSD
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