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pfbtops(1) [freebsd man page]

PFBTOPS(1)						      General Commands Manual							PFBTOPS(1)

pfbtops - translate a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII SYNOPSIS
pfbtops [ -v ] [ pfb_file ] DESCRIPTION
pfbtops translates a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII, splitting overlong lines in text packets into smaller chunks. If pfb_file is omitted the pfb file will be read from the standard input. The ASCII format PostScript font will be written on the standard output. Post- Script fonts for MS-DOS are normally supplied in .pfb format. The resulting ASCII format PostScript font can be used with groff. It must first be listed in /usr/share/groff_font/devps/download. OPTIONS
-v Print the version number. SEE ALSO
grops(1) Groff Version 1.19.2 23 March 2013 PFBTOPS(1)

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T1REENCODE(1)						      General Commands Manual						     T1REENCODE(1)

t1reencode - reencode a PostScript Type 1 font SYNOPSIS
t1reencode -e ENCODING [OPTIONS...] font [outputfile] DESCRIPTION
T1reencode changes a PostScript Type 1 font's embedded encoding. The reencoded font is written to the standard output (but see the --out- put option). If no input font file is supplied, t1reencode reads a PFA or PFB font from the standard input. OPTIONS
--encoding=file, -e file Read the encoding from file, which must contain an encoding in dvips(1) format. Alternatively, file can be one of the following spe- cial names, in which case the corresponding standard encoding is used. Name Source StandardEncoding Adobe ISOLatin1Encoding Adobe/ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_1_Encoding) ExpertEncoding Adobe ExpertSubsetEncoding Adobe SymbolEncoding Adobe ISOLatin2Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_2_Encoding) ISOLatin3Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_3_Encoding) ISOLatin4Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_4_Encoding) ISOCyrillicEncoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_5_Encoding) ISOGreekEncoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_7_Encoding) ISOLatin5Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_9_Encoding) ISOLatin6Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_10_Encoding) ISOThaiEncoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_11_Encoding) ISOLatin7Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_13_Encoding) ISOLatin8Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_14_Encoding) ISOLatin9Encoding ISO (synonym: ISO_8859_15_Encoding) KOI8REncoding - --encoding-text=text, -E text Use the encoding in the text argument, which must be formatted as a dvips(1) encoding. One of --encoding and --encoding-text must be supplied. --name=name, -n name Set the output font's PostScript name to name. The default is the input font name followed by the encoding's name. --full-name=name, -N name Set the output font's FullName to name. The default is the input FullName followed by the encoding's name. --output=file, -o file Send output to file instead of standard output. --pfb, -b Output a PFB font. This is the default. --pfa, -a Output a PFA font. -h, --help Print usage information and exit. --version Print the version number and some short non-warranty information and exit. RETURN VALUES
T1reencode exits with value 0 if a reencoded font was successfully generated, and 1 otherwise. NOTES
T1reencode should be used only in special situations. It's generally much better to use PostScript commands to reencode a font; for instance, executing the PostScript commands to generate two differently-encoded versions of a single font will take up much less memory than loading two t1reencoded fonts. EXAMPLES
This command reencodes Frutiger Roman in the ISO Latin 1 encoding. The new font will have the PostScript name Frutiger-RomanISO- Latin1Encoding. t1reencode -e ISOLatin1Encoding FrutiRom.pfb -o FrutiRomISOL1.pfb This series of commands, which use cfftot1(1) and otftotfm(1) as well as t1reencode itself, generate a version of Warnock Pro Regular with old-style figures in the slots for numbers (because of otftotfm's -fonum option). The new font will be called WarnockPro-RegularOsF. otftotfm -fonum WarnockPro-Regular.otf --output-encoding /tmp/osf.enc cfftot1 WarnockPro-Regular.otf | t1reencode -e /tmp/osf.enc -n WarnockPro-RegularOsF -N "Warnock Pro Regular OsF" -o WarnoProRegOsF.pfb SEE ALSO
Adobe Type 1 Font Format, dvips(1), cfftot1(1), otftotfm(1) AUTHOR
Eddie Kohler ( Version 2.92 LCDF Typetools T1REENCODE(1)
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