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FreeBSD 11.0 - man page for mptable (freebsd section 1)

MPTABLE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						MPTABLE(1)

mptable -- display MP configuration table
mptable [-dmesg] [-verbose] [-grope] [-help]
The mptable command finds and analyzes the MP configuration table on an Intel(tm) MP spec capable motherboard. It is useful for debugging an SMP kernel that will not boot, as well as examining the configuration of a system. It can be run with a UniProcessor kernel. It must be run with gid kmem privileges. The following options are available: -dmesg Include a dmesg dump. -grope Look in areas it should not NEED to, use ONLY as a last resort. -help Print a usage message and exits. -verbose Print extra info.
smp(4), dmesg(8)
The mptable command first appeared in FreeBSD 3.0.
Steve Passe <>
April 28, 1997 BSD

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