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freebsd-version(1) [freebsd man page]

FREEBSD-VERSION(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 					FREEBSD-VERSION(1)

freebsd-version -- print the version and patch level of the installed system SYNOPSIS
freebsd-version [-ku] DESCRIPTION
The freebsd-version utility makes a best effort to determine the version and patch level of the installed kernel and / or userland. The following options are available: -k Print the version and patch level of the installed kernel. Unlike uname(1), if a new kernel has been installed but the system has not yet rebooted, freebsd-version will print the version and patch level of the new kernel. -u Print the version and patch level of the installed userland. These are hardcoded into freebsd-version during the build. If both -k and -u are specified, freebsd-version will print the kernel version first, then the userland version, on separate lines. If nei- ther is specified, it will print the userland version only. IMPLEMENTATION NOTES
The freebsd-version utility should provide the correct answer in the vast majority of cases, including on systems kept up-to-date using freebsd-update(8), which does not update the kernel version unless the kernel itself was affected by the latest patch. To determine the name (and hence the location) of a custom kernel, the freebsd-version utility will attempt to parse /boot/defaults/loader.conf and /boot/loader.conf, looking for definitions of the kernel and bootfile variables, both with a default value of ``kernel''. It may however fail to locate the correct kernel if either or both of these variables are defined in a non-standard location, such as in /boot/loader.rc. ENVIRONMENT
ROOT Path to the root of the filesystem in which to look for loader.conf and the kernel. EXAMPLES
To determine the version of the currently running userland: /bin/freebsd-version -u To inspect a system being repaired using a live CD: mount -rt ufs /dev/ada0p2 /mnt env ROOT=/mnt /mnt/bin/freebsd-version -ku SEE ALSO
uname(1), loader.conf(5), freebsd-version(8) HISTORY
The freebsd-version command appeared in FreeBSD 10.0. AUTHORS
The freebsd-version utility and this manual page were written by Dag-Erling Smorgrav <>. BSD
October 5, 2013 BSD

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BHYVELOAD(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      BHYVELOAD(8)

bhyveload -- load a FreeBSD guest inside a bhyve virtual machine SYNOPSIS
bhyveload [-c cons-dev] [-d disk-path] [-e name=value] [-h host-path] [-m mem-size] vmname DESCRIPTION
bhyveload is used to load a FreeBSD guest inside a bhyve(4) virtual machine. bhyveload is based on loader(8) and will present an interface identical to the FreeBSD loader on the user's terminal. The virtual machine is identified as vmname and will be created if it does not already exist. OPTIONS
The following options are available: -c cons-dev cons-dev is a tty(4) device to use for bhyveload terminal I/O. The text string "stdio" is also accepted and selects the use of unbuffered standard I/O. This is the default value. -d disk-path The disk-path is the pathname of the guest's boot disk image. -e name=value Set the FreeBSD loader environment variable name to value. The option may be used more than once to set more than one environment variable. -h host-path The host-path is the directory at the top of the guest's boot filesystem. -m mem-size [K|k|M|m|G|g|T|t] mem-size is the amount of memory allocated to the guest. The mem-size argument may be suffixed with one of K, M, G or T (either upper or lower case) to indicate a multiple of Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes or Terabytes respectively. The default value of mem-size is 256M. EXAMPLES
To create a virtual machine named freebsd-vm that boots off the ISO image /freebsd/release.iso and has 1GB memory allocated to it: bhyveload -m 1G -d /freebsd/release.iso freebsd-vm To create a virtual machine named test-vm with 256MB of memory allocated, the guest root filesystem under the host directory /user/images/test and terminal I/O sent to the nmdm(4) device /dev/nmdm1B bhyveload -m 256MB -h /usr/images/test -c /dev/nmdm1B test-vm SEE ALSO
bhyve(4), nmdm(4), vmm(4), bhyve(8), loader(8) HISTORY
bhyveload first appeared in FreeBSD 10.0, and was developed at NetApp Inc. AUTHORS
bhyveload was developed by Neel Natu <> at NetApp Inc with a lot of help from Doug Rabson <>. BUGS
bhyveload can only load FreeBSD as a guest. BSD
January 7, 2012 BSD

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