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dtruss(1) [freebsd man page]

DTRUSS(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 DTRUSS(1)

dtruss -- Trace system calls and userland stacks using DTrace SYNOPSIS
dtruss [-acdefholLs] [-t syscall] [-n name -p pid command] DESCRIPTION
The dtruss utility traces system calls and (optionally) userland stack traces for the specified programs. The following options are available: -p pid Trace the process with PID pid. -n name Trace the process with name name. -t syscall Trace the specified syscall only. -a Print all details. -c Print syscall counts. -d Print relative times (in microseconds). -e Print elapsed times (in microseconds). -f Follow the children processes. -l Force printing PID / TID. -o Print time spent on CPU. -s Print userland stack backtraces. -L Don't print PID / TID. -b bufsize Specify the DTrace buffer size. EXIT STATUS
The dtruss utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
dtrace(1) HISTORY
The dtruss utility comes from the DTraceToolkit and was first imported into FreeBSD 9.0. AUTHORS
Brendan Gregg BSD
August 26, 2010 BSD

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procsystime(1m) 						   USER COMMANDS						   procsystime(1m)

procsystime - analyse system call times. Uses DTrace. SYNOPSIS
procsystime [-acehoT] [ -p PID | -n name | command ] DESCRIPTION
procsystime prints details on system call times for processes, both the elapsed times and on-cpu times can be printed. The elapsed times are interesting, to help identify syscalls that take some time to complete (during which the process may have slept). CPU time helps us identify syscalls that are consuming CPU cycles to run. Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command. OPTIONS
-a print all data -c print syscall counts -e print elapsed times, ns -o print CPU times, ns -T print totals -p PID examine this PID -n name examine processes which have this name EXAMPLES
Print elapsed times for PID 1871, # procsystime -p 1871 Print elapsed times for processes called "tar", # procsystime -n tar Print CPU times for "tar" processes, # procsystime -on tar Print syscall counts for "tar" processes, # procsystime -cn tar Print elapsed and CPU times for "tar" processes, # procsystime -eon tar print all details for "bash" processes, # procsystime -aTn bash run and print details for "df -h", # procsystime df -h FIELDS
SYSCALL System call name TIME (ns) Total time, nanoseconds COUNT Number of occurrences DOCUMENTATION
See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with ver- bose descriptions explaining the output. EXIT
procsystime will sample until Ctrl-C is hit. AUTHOR
Brendan Gregg [Sydney, Australia] SEE ALSO
dtruss(1M), dtrace(1M), truss(1) version 1.00 Sep 22, 2005 procsystime(1m)

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