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DOTTY(1)                                                      General Commands Manual                                                     DOTTY(1)

dotty - A Customizable Graph Editor SYNOPSIS
dotty [ -V ] [ file ] DESCRIPTION
dotty is a graph editor for the X Window System. It may be run as a standalone editor, or as a front end for applications that use graphs. It can control multiple windows viewing different graphs. dotty is written on top of dot and lefty. lefty is a general-purpose programmable editor for technical pictures. It has an interpretive programming language similar to AWK and C. The user interface and graph editing operations of dotty are written as lefty functions. Pro- grammer-defined graph operations may be loaded as well. Graph layouts are made by dot, which runs as a separate process that communicates with lefty through pipes. USAGE
The file name is optional. If present, the graph contained in that file is displayed in the dotty window. OPTIONS
-V Prints the version. SEE ALSO
dot(1), lefty(1) dotty user guide. DOTTY(1)

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GRAPHVIZ(7)						 Miscellaneous Information Manual					       GRAPHVIZ(7)

graphviz - rich set of graph drawing tools SYNOPSIS
This manpage has been written to fulfil the need of a centralized documentation presenting all available tools in the graphviz package. AVAILABLE TOOLS
Graph layout programs dot filter for hierarchical layouts of graphs neato filter for symmetric layouts of graphs twopi filter for radial layouts of graphs circo filter for circular layout of graphs fdp filter for symmetric layouts of graphs All of the filters work with either directed or undirected graphs, though dot is typically used for directed graphs and neato for undi- rected graphs. Note also that neato -n[2] can be used to render layouts produced by the other filters. Graph drawing programs lefty A Programmable Graphics Editor lneato lefty + neato dotty lefty + dot Graph layout enhancement gvcolor flow colors through a ranked digraph unflatten adjust directed graphs to improve layout aspect ratio gvpack merge and pack disjoint graphs Graph information and transformation gc count graph components acyclic make directed graph acyclic nop pretty-print graph file ccomps connected components filter for graphs sccmap extract strongly connected components of directed graphs tred transitive reduction filter for directed graphs dijkstra single-source distance filter bcomps biconnected components filter for graphs gvpr graph pattern scanning and processing language prune prune directed graphs Other gxl2dot, dot2gxl GXL-DOT converters AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Cyril Brulebois <> in november 2006, based on an initial documentation effort by Joachim Berdal Haga <>. It can be distributed under the same terms as the graphviz package. November 19, 2006 GRAPHVIZ(7)
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