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catman(1) [freebsd man page]

CATMAN(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 CATMAN(1)

catman -- preformat man pages SYNOPSIS
catman [-fLnrv] [directories ...] DESCRIPTION
The catman utility preformats all the man pages in directories using the nroff -man command. Directories may be separated by colons instead of spaces. If no directories are specified, the contents of the MANPATH environment variable is used, or if that is not set, the default directory /usr/share/man is processed. The options are as follows: -f Force all man pages to be reformatted even if the corresponding cat page is newer. -L Process only localized subdirectories corresponding to the locale specified in the standard environment variables. -n Print out what would be done instead of performing any formatting. -r Scan for and remove ``junk'' files that are neither man pages nor their corresponding formatted cat pages. -v Cause catman to be more verbose about what it is doing. ENVIRONMENT
LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, LANG These variables control what subdirectories will be processed if the -L option is used. MACHINE If set, overrides the current machine type when searching for machine specific man page subdirectories. MACHINE_ARCH If set, overrides the current architecture when searching for architecture specific man page subdirectories. MANPATH Determines the set of directories to be processed if none are given on the command line. FILES
/usr/share/man Default directory to process if the MANPATH environment variable is not set. EXIT STATUS
The catman utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
makewhatis(1), man(1), nroff(1) HISTORY
A previous version of the catman command appeared in FreeBSD 2.1. AUTHORS
John Rochester BSD
December 3, 2005 BSD

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CATMAN(8)							Manual pager utils							 CATMAN(8)

catman - create or update the pre-formatted manual pages SYNOPSIS
catman [-dhV] [-M path] [-C file] [section] ... DESCRIPTION
catman is used to create an up to date set of pre-formatted manual pages known as cat pages. Cat pages are generally much faster to dis- play than the original manual pages, but require extra storage space. The decision to support cat pages is that of the local administra- tor, who must provide suitable directories to contain them. The options available to catman are the manual page hierarchies and sections to pre-format. The default hierarchies are those specified as system hierarchies in the man-db configuration file, and the default sections are either the colon-delimited contents of the environment variable $MANSECT or the standard set compiled into man if $MANSECT is undefined. Supplying catman with a set of whitespace-delimited sec- tion names will override both of the above. catman makes use of the index database cache associated with each hierarchy to determine which files need to be formatted. OPTIONS
-d, --debug Print debugging information. -M path, --manpath=path Specify an alternate colon-delimited manual page hierarchy search path. By default, this is all paths indicated as system hierar- chies in the man-db configuration file. -C file, --config-file=file Use this user configuration file rather than the default of ~/.manpath. -h, --help Print a help message and exit. -V, --version Display version information. ENVIRONMENT
MANSECT If $MANSECT is set, its value is a colon-delimited list of sections and it is used to determine which manual sections to search and in what order. MANPATH If $MANPATH is set, its value is interpreted as the colon-delimited manual page hierarchy search path to use. FILES
/etc/manpath.config man-db configuration file. /usr/man/index.(bt|db|dir|pag) A traditional global index database cache. /var/catman/index.(bt|db|dir|pag) An alternate or FSSTND compliant global index database cache. SEE ALSO
man(1), manpath(5), mandb(8). AUTHOR
Wilf. ( Fabrizio Polacco ( 2.5.2 2008-05-05 CATMAN(8)
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