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BSDIFF(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 BSDIFF(1)

bsdiff -- generate a patch between two binary files SYNOPSIS
bsdiff oldfile newfile patchfile DESCRIPTION
The bsdiff utility compares oldfile to newfile and writes to patchfile a binary patch suitable for use by bspatch(1). When oldfile and newfile are two versions of an executable program, the patches produced are on average a factor of five smaller than those produced by any other binary patch tool known to the author. The bsdiff utility uses memory equal to 17 times the size of oldfile, and requires an absolute minimum working set size of 8 times the size of oldfile. SEE ALSO
bspatch(1) AUTHORS
Colin Percival <> BUGS
The bsdiff utility does not store the hashes of oldfile or newfile in patchfile. As a result, it is possible to apply a patch to the wrong file; this will usually produce garbage. It is recommended that users of bsdiff store the hashes of oldfile and newfile and compare against them before and after applying patchfile. BSD
May 18, 2003 BSD

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aha(1)                                                           Ansi HTML Adapter                                                          aha(1)

aha - Ansi HTML Adapter SYNOPSIS
aha [options] [-f datei] DESCRIPTION
aha takes SGR-colored Input and prints W3C conform HTML-Code. aha reads the Input from a file or stdin and writes HTML-Code to stdout. OPTIONS
--help , -h , -? A help like this --black , -b Black Background and white "standard color" --pink , -p Pink Background --iso X , -i X Uses ISO 8859-X instead of utf-8. X must be 1..16 --title X , -t X Gives the html output the title --line-fix , -l Uses a fix for inputs using control sequences to change the cursor position like htop. It's a hot fix, it may not work with any pro- gram like htop. (See EXAMPLE) EXAMPLE
aha --help | aha --black --title "the awesome aha help"> aha-help.htm Creates an HTML file with the help of aha with black background colordiff oldfile.c newfile.c | aha > colordiff.htm Creates an HTML file with a colorful diff-output of two files "oldfile.c" and "newfile.c" with white background ls --color=always | aha --pink > ls.htm Creates an HTML file with a colorful ls-output with pink background. echo a | htop | aha --black --line-fix > htop.htm Creates an HTML file with the output of htop. You have to use --line-fix due the other new-line-commands htop uses. AUTHOR
Copyleft Alexander Matthes aka Ziz 2011 SEE ALSO August 31, 2011 aha(1)
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