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vmsync(9) [debian man page]

VMSYNC(9)							   Open VM Tools							 VMSYNC(9)

vmsync - vmware kernel module SYNOPSIS
modprobe vmsync DESCRIPTION
This is a Linux kernel module. It isn't backed by a virtual hardware device, so it must be loaded manually. It is depended on by vmware-guestd(8), so ideally it should be loaded prior to starting vmware-guestd(8) (though vmware-guestd(8) can function without it). This module is used for freezing and thawing the filesystem. OPTIONS
vmsync has no options. SEE ALSO
vmware-checkvm(1) vmware-hgfsclient(1) vmware-toolbox(1) vmware-toolbox-cmd(1) vmware-user(1) vmware-xferlogs(1) libguestlib(3) libvmtools(3) vmware-guestd(8) vmware-hgfsmounter(8) vmware-user-suid-wrapper(8) vmblock(9) vmci(9) vmhgfs(9) vmmemctl(9) vmsock(9) vmxnet(9) vmxnet3(9) HOMEPAGE
More information about vmsync and the Open VM Tools can be found at <>. AUTHOR
Open VM Tools were written by VMware, Inc. <>. This manual page was put together from homepage materials by Daniel Baumann <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 2010.03.20-243334 2010-04-08 VMSYNC(9)

Check Out this Related Man Page

PMDAVMWARE(1)						       Performance Co-Pilot						     PMDAVMWARE(1)

pmdavmware - VMware performance metrics domain agent (PMDA) DESCRIPTION
pmdavmware is a Performance Metrics Domain Agent (PMDA) which exports metric values from a (possibly remote) VMware virtualisation host. This implementation uses the VMare Perl API (refer to the online docs at VIPerl is a prerequisite for this PMDA, it needs to be installed and configured before attempting to use this agent. It is highly recommended that you test your VIPerl installation using the demo programs that are shipped with VIPerl, before attempting to use this PMDA. INSTALLATION
In order to access performance data using the VIPerl API, it is necessary to be able to login to the metrics source. Hence, a valid VMware server name, user name and pass word are needed by the PMDA. These can be passed in on the command line (via the pmcd.conf file) or via a vmware.conf file in the PMDA directory. # cd $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware # [ edit vmware.conf ] This file should contain three lines, such as: $server = ''; $username = 'XXXX'; $password = 'YYYY'; Once this is setup, you can access the names and values for the vmware performance metrics by doing the following as root: # cd $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware # ./Install If you want to undo the installation, do the following as root: # cd $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware # ./Remove pmdavmware is launched by pmcd(1) and should never be executed directly. The Install and Remove scripts notify pmcd(1) when the agent is installed or removed. FILES
$PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware/vmware.conf configuration file for the pmdavmware agent $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware/Install installation script for the pmdavmware agent $PCP_PMDAS_DIR/vmware/Remove undo installation script for the pmdavmware agent $PCP_LOG_DIR/pmcd/vmware.log default log file for error messages from pmdavmware SEE ALSO
pmcd(1). 3.8.10 Performance Co-Pilot PMDAVMWARE(1)

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