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schleuder-newlist - create new Schleuder mailing list SYNOPSIS
schleuder-newlist [-c baseconfig] [-realname "Foo List"] [-adminaddress] [-initmember -initmemberkey path-to-initmember-publickey] [-privatekeyfile path-to-privatekey -publickeyfile path-to-publickey -passphrase "key passphrase"] [-mailuser schleuder] [-nointeractive] DESCRIPTION
schleuder-newlist automates the creation of new Schleuder mailing lists. For more information on Schleuder, please look at schleuder(8). schleuder-newlist does various input validation, and can generate a key or import one. It will give you as well an easy interface to build new lists in a scripted manner. It also supports an interactive mode, with which the user will be prompted for missing mandatory options. The interactive mode can be dis- abled, using the -nointercative flag; it is automatically disabled if the script isn't run within a valid tty. If no -privatekeyfile, -publickeyfile and -passphrase are provided, the list will create a new keypair with a random password. The type and length of the generated keypair is specified in /etc/schleuder/schleuder.conf. OPTIONS
-c path-to-schleuder-configuration: Specify an alternate configuration directory than the default /etc/schleuder. -realname "Foo List" Specify the name of the mailing list. -adminaddress Specify the email address of a list administrator. This address will be notified of errors, and depending on configuration may also be allowed to send restricted email commands. -initmember Specify the first subscribed list member address. Can be the same as the administrator address. This option must be accompanied by -initmemberkey. -initmemberkey path-to-initmember-publickey Specify the path to first subscribed list member public key. -initmember must also be specified. -privatekeyfile path-to-privatekey Specify the path to a previously-generated private key for the list. This option must be accompanied by -publickeyfile and -passphrase. -publickeyfile path-to-publickey Specify the path to a previously-generated public key for the list. This option must be accompanied by -privatekeyfile and -passphrase. -passphrase "key passphrase" Specify the passphrase needed to access the private key specified in -privatekeyfile. This option must be accompanied by -publickey- file as well. -mailuser schleuder Specify the system user account under which schleuder(8) will be executed (when run as root, this defaults to schleuder). -nointeractive When specified, no questions will be asked to complete missing information. EXAMPLES
This creates a new list called test1 with the initial member A new keypair will be generated for the list. schleuder-newlist -realname "bal jak" -adminaddress -initmember -initmemberkey /tmp/ The list test2 will be created, a keypair from the following files with the passphrase test will be imported. schleuder-newlist -realname "bal jak" -adminaddress -privatekeyfile ~/tmp/test2.priv -publickeyfile /tmp/ -passphrase test FILES
/etc/schleuder/schleuder.conf global Schleuder configuration /etc/schleuder/default-list.conf default list settings /var/schleuderlists/HOSTNAME/LISTNAME list internal data /var/schleuderlists/HOSTNAME/LISTNAME/list.conf list settings /var/schleuderlists/HOSTNAME/LISTNAME/members.conf list susbcribers All configuration files are formatted as YAML. See for more details. BUGS
Known bugs are listed on the Schleuder website. SEE ALSO
schleuder(8), aliases(5), gnupg(7). Schleuder website YAML website June 2012 SCHLEUDER-NEWLIST(8)
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