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runlevel(8) [debian man page]

RUNLEVEL(8)						Linux System Administrator's Manual					       RUNLEVEL(8)

runlevel -- find the previous and current system runlevel. SYNOPSIS
runlevel [utmp] DESCRIPTION
Runlevel reads the system utmp file (typically /var/run/utmp) to locate the runlevel record, and then prints the previous and current sys- tem runlevel on its standard output, separated by a single space. If there is no previous system runlevel, the letter N will be printed instead. If no utmp file exists, or if no runlevel record can be found, runlevel prints the word unknown and exits with an error. Runlevel can be used in rc scripts as a substitute for the System-V who -r command. However, in newer versions of init(8) this information is also available in the environment variables RUNLEVEL and PREVLEVEL. OPTIONS
utmp The name of the utmp file to read. SEE ALSO
init(8), utmp(5) AUTHOR
Miquel van Smoorenburg, May 27, 1997 RUNLEVEL(8)

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RUNLEVEL(8)                                                          runlevel                                                          RUNLEVEL(8)

runlevel - Print previous and current SysV runlevel SYNOPSIS
runlevel [options...] OVERVIEW
"Runlevels" are an obsolete way to start and stop groups of services used in SysV init. systemd provides a compatibility layer that maps runlevels to targets, and associated binaries like runlevel. Nevertheless, only one runlevel can be "active" at a given time, while systemd can activate multiple targets concurrently, so the mapping to runlevels is confusing and only approximate. Runlevels should not be used in new code, and are mostly useful as a shorthand way to refer the matching systemd targets in kernel boot parameters. Table 1. Mapping between runlevels and systemd targets +---------+-------------------+ |Runlevel | Target | +---------+-------------------+ |0 | | +---------+-------------------+ |1 | | +---------+-------------------+ |2, 3, 4 | | +---------+-------------------+ |5 | | +---------+-------------------+ |6 | | +---------+-------------------+ DESCRIPTION
runlevel prints the previous and current SysV runlevel if they are known. The two runlevel characters are separated by a single space character. If a runlevel cannot be determined, N is printed instead. If neither can be determined, the word "unknown" is printed. Unless overridden in the environment, this will check the utmp database for recent runlevel changes. OPTIONS
The following option is understood: --help Print a short help text and exit. EXIT STATUS
If one or both runlevels could be determined, 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise. ENVIRONMENT
$RUNLEVEL If $RUNLEVEL is set, runlevel will print this value as current runlevel and ignore utmp. $PREVLEVEL If $PREVLEVEL is set, runlevel will print this value as previous runlevel and ignore utmp. FILES
/run/utmp The utmp database runlevel reads the previous and current runlevel from. SEE ALSO
systemd(1),, systemctl(1) systemd 237 RUNLEVEL(8)
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