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idled(8) [debian man page]

IDLED(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  IDLED(8)


idled - provide near real-time updates for IMAP IDLE SYNOPSIS
idled [ -C config-file ] DESCRIPTION
Idled is a long lived datagram daemon which receives notifications of mailbox changes and signals the appropriate imapd to report the changes to the client. Idled is usually started from cyrmaster. Idled reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C. The idlesocket option is used to specify the Unix domain socket to listen on for notifications. OPTIONS
-C config-file Read configuration options from config-file. FILES
/etc/imapd.conf SEE ALSO
imapd.conf(5), cyrmaster(8) CMU
Project Cyrus IDLED(8)

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CTL_CYRUSDB(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    CTL_CYRUSDB(8)


ctl_cyrusdb - perform operations common to all Cyrus databases SYNOPSIS
ctl_cyrusdb [ -C config-file ] -r [ -x ] ctl_cyrusdb [ -C config-file ] -c DESCRIPTION
Ctl_cyrusdb is used to perform various administrative operations on the Cyrus databases. Ctl_cyrusdb reads its configuration options out of the imapd.conf(5) file unless specified otherwise by -C. The configdirectory option is used to determine the default location of the Cyrus databases. OPTIONS
-C config-file Read configuration options from config-file. -r Recover the databases after an application or system failure. Also performs database cleanup like removing mailbox reservations (and any associated mailbox files). All mailbox files are also checked to make sure the file format matches the configured database type in imapd.conf. If not, the file is automatically converted using the same logic as cvt_cyrusdb. -x Used with -r to recover the database only. (Prevents database cleanup). -c Checkpoint and archive the databases. Changes to the database which are part of committed transactions are written to disk. Also, a hot backup of the databases is made and inactive log files are removed. FILES
/etc/imapd.conf SEE ALSO
imapd.conf(5), cyrmaster(8) CMU
Project Cyrus CTL_CYRUSDB(8)
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