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cvm-qmail(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      cvm-qmail(8)

cvm-qmail - qmail configuration lookup module SYNOPSIS
None, only operates as a lookup module. DESCRIPTION
This module uses the standard qmail configuration files to determine if an address is valid, using the same lookups that qmail would. It first checks control/locals and then control/virtualdomains to determine if the domain is valid, and to determine the prefix to add to vir- tual domain usernames. It then looks up the resulting username in users/cdb (or the system password table if the CDB does not exist) to determine the correct home directory. If the address would require a .qmail-something file, it ensures that that file exists as well, doing -default checks as necessary. CONFIGURATION VARIABLES
CVM_QMAIL_MISSINGDOMAIN (optional) If this is set and the domain name is not a local or virtual qmail domain, this domain name is substituted and the lookup succeeds. This allows for setups where domains listed in control/rcpthosts and control/morercpthosts.cdb (which are accepted by the SMTP receiver) are not listed as local or virtual domains. If this is set to an empty value, "localhost" is substituted. CVM_QMAIL_MISSINGUSER (optional) When missing domain substitution is being done, the value of this variable is used to replace the username. The value must exist as a valid system user. Defaults to "alias" which will normally exist on all qmail systems. QMAIL_ROOT (optional) The root directory under which all the qmail configuration files are expected to be found. Defaults to "/var/qmail", which is the normal qmail install path. SEE ALSO
cvm-pwfile(8), cvm-unix(8), cvm-sql(8), cvm-vmailmgr(8), cvm-benchclient(8), cvm-checkpassword(8), cvm-testclient(8) cvm-qmail(8)

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qmail-control(5)						File Formats Manual						  qmail-control(5)

qmail-control - qmail configuration files INTRODUCTION
You can change the behavior of the qmail system by modifying qmail's control files in /var/lib/qmail/control. qmail can survive with just one control file, me, containing the fully-qualified name of the current host. This file is used as the default for other hostname-related control files. Comments are allowed in badmailfrom, locals, percenthack, qmqpservers, rcpthosts, smtproutes, and virtualdomains. Trailing spaces and tabs are allowed in any control file. The following table lists all control files other than me. See the corresponding man pages for further details. control default used by badmailfrom (none) qmail-smtpd bouncefrom MAILER-DAEMON qmail-send bouncehost me qmail-send concurrencylocal 10 qmail-send concurrencyremote 20 qmail-send defaultdomain me qmail-inject defaulthost me qmail-inject databytes 0 qmail-smtpd doublebouncehost me qmail-send doublebounceto postmaster qmail-send envnoathost me qmail-send helohost me qmail-remote idhost me qmail-inject localiphost me qmail-smtpd locals me qmail-send morercpthosts (none) qmail-smtpd percenthack (none) qmail-send plusdomain me qmail-inject qmqpservers (none) qmail-qmqpc queuelifetime 604800 qmail-send rcpthosts (none) qmail-smtpd smtpgreeting me qmail-smtpd smtproutes (none) qmail-remote timeoutconnect 60 qmail-remote timeoutremote 1200 qmail-remote timeoutsmtpd 1200 qmail-smtpd virtualdomains (none) qmail-send SEE ALSO
qmail-inject(8), qmail-qmqpc(8), qmail-remote(8), qmail-send(8), qmail-showctl(8), qmail-smtpd(8) qmail-control(5)
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