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apt-dater(8) [debian man page]

APT-DATER(8)							  [FIXME: manual]						      APT-DATER(8)

apt-dater - terminal-based remote package update manager SYNOPSIS
apt-dater [[-(c config|v|[n]r)]] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the apt-dater command. apt-dater is a program to manage package updats on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. OPTIONS
apt-dater accepts the following command parameters: -c config Use alternative config file. Default is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/apt-dater/apt-dater.conf. -v Show apt-dater version and copyright statement. -r Refresh hosts and create XML report on stdout. apt-dater must be compiled with XMLREPORT feature. -n Prevent hosts to be refreshed before create XML report (useful for cronjobs which do not have access to SSH key(s)). ENVIRONMENT
MAINTAINER The maintainer's name (i.e. used by debtrack). If not set, the GECOS entry for the current user will be used. This environment variable could be forwarded to remote hosts with the ssh(1) SendEnv+AcceptEnv options. FILES
~/.config/apt-dater/apt-dater.conf The configuration file of apt-dater ~/.config/apt-dater/hosts.conf Contains all hosts you would like to manage SEE ALSO
apt-dater.conf(5), aptitude(1), apt-get(1), debtrack, screen(1), ssh(1). AUTHORS
Andre Ellguth <> Maintainer. Thomas Liske <> Maintainer. Jens Haser <> Fixed some UI glitches. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2008-2012 IBH IT-Service GmbH [] [FIXME: source] May 29, 2012 APT-DATER(8)
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