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between(6)							       Games								between(6)

between - a game about consciousness and isolation SYNOPSIS
Between is a video game written by Jason Rohrer about consciousness and isolation. Between is a multiplayer-only art game. As a result, some people like it, many people do not get it and some people hate it. Search the internet for the author's name and the game title to find some discussion about the game before dismissing it. Some sample discussions and reactions are listed below. You can play Between with a friend or stranger over the Internet. Both players will see a field, sky, clouds, a square structure and a shimmering tower. The interface reveals the initial controls (reference below). The players place red-green-blue blocks on the field and pile them upwards. Placing blocks over the shimmering tower causes pleasant tones while the colours match. Soon enough the players will not be able to match any more blocks with the complex patterns and colour variety in the tower. To the left is a bed indicating sleep. To the right is a bright room indicating wakefulness. Cycling through the dream and wakefulness states gives players three different realities in which to build the shimmering tower. Eventually in the state between dream and reality, mysterious interactions between the two players block placements and reality cycling patterns will result in blocks with new colours and patterns appearing on the field. These new blocks can then be used to match more and more of the shimmering tower over time... The most interesting part about this game is the emotions it evokes within the player of the game. The ultra-low-res pixel art helps here, by not being too distracting and by leaving plenty room for viewer interpretation. USAGE
Between has no command-line options. The left and right arrow keys move left and right. The spacebar is used to place or grab blocks. The b/n keys are used to change the colour of the placed blocks. The s/w keys are used to sleep/wake the player. The Esc key is used to quit the game. The game resolution and use of fullscreen or a window can be set by editing the files in /etc/between. SEE ALSO
The website: December 2010 between(6)

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libggzmod(3)							C Library Functions						      libggzmod(3)

libggzmod - The GGZ Gaming Zone game frontend library. DESCRIPTION
This library allows games to communicate with the GGZ Gaming Zone core client, which allows establishing the connection to the GGZ Gaming Zone server and its associated game server. The libggzmod allows game authors to use GGZ Gaming Zone in their game clients. This library provides a state engine and an event dis- patcher. The states are associated with the game tables. Each table has a current state which is tracked by GGZMod and the GGZ- MOD_EVENT_STATE is propagated to the game server, each time game state changes. STATES GGZMOD_STATE_CREATED The game is in this state when it is executed for the first time. This state should never be changed back once the state is set. GGZMOD_STATE_CONNECTED Once the GGZ client and the game are connected, the game changes state to this automatically. This state should never be changed back once the game leaves this state. GGZMOD_STATE_WAITING After the game client and game server are connected, the client enters this state. The game client may now call ggzmod_set_state to change states between GGZMOD_STATE_WAITING, GGZMOD_STATE_PLAYING, and GGZMOD_STATE_DONE. GGZMOD_STATE_PLAYING This state tells that the game is actively being played, while the GGZMOD_STATE_WAITING state in the game is con- sidered waiting for players. GGZMOD_STATE_DONE This state indicates the table is considered dead and will exit shortly thereafter. EVENTS For each of the events available in GGZModEvent, the table may register a handler to handle that event. Events include: GGZMOD_EVENT_STATE Inform about a new game status. The old state (a GGZModState*) is passed as the event's data. GGZMOD_EVENT_SERVER This event occurs when a new connection to the game server has been made, either by the core client or by the game client itself. In this case the fd is passed as the event's data. GGZMOD_EVENT_PLAYER This event occurs when the player's seat status changes. For example, if a player or bot joins, leaves seat, or starts/stops spectat- ing. The passed event data is a int[2] pair consisting of the old {is_spectator, seat_num}. GGZMOD_EVENT_SEAT Informs about seat changes. The old seat (a GGZSeat*) is passed as the event data. The seat information will be updated before this event is invoked. GGZMOD_EVENT_SPECTATOR_SEAT This event occurs when a spectator seat change happens. The old spectator (a GGZSpectator*) is passed as the event data. The specta- tor information will be updated before this event is invoked. GGZMOD_EVENT_CHAT This is an event for receiving a chat. The chat may have originated in another game client or from the GGZ client. The chat information (a GGZChat*) is passed as the event's data. GGZMOD_EVENT_STATS This is an event informing that player's statistics have been updated. GGZMOD_EVENT_INFO This event fires when information about one or more other players has been requested and has been received. The event's data is in a GGZPlayerInfo* structure or NULL if information about all players was requested. GGZMOD_EVENT_ERROR This event informs about GGZMod errors. An error message (a char*) is passed as the event's data. The GGZMod may attempt to recover from the error, but it is not guaranteed that the GGZ connection will continue to work after an error has happened. FILES
The following files are used by this library: /usr/lib/ The GGZ Gaming Zone game frontend shared library /etc/ggz.modules Game module registry for game clients ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWgnome-games | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |Volatile | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
ggz_h(3), ggzcore_h(3), ggzmod_h(3), libggz(3), libggzcore(3), attributes(5), ggz.modules(5), gnome-interfaces(5), ggz(6), ggz-config(6), ggz(7) GGZ Gaming Zone: NOTES
Written by Michal Pryc, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2008. SunOS 5.11 29 May 2008 libggzmod(3)
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