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BASTET(6)							   Games Manual 							 BASTET(6)

bastet - Tetris(r) clone with "bastard" block-choosing AI SYNOPSIS
bastet (short for "bastard tetris") is a Tetris(r) clone which tries to give you the worst possible block. Playing bastet can be a painful experience, especially if you usually make "canyons" and wait for the long I-shaped block. USAGE
bastet tries to conform as much as possible to the tetris guidelines. We refer to those for the rules of the game. In the starting menu, you can configure the key bindings; the default ones are: DOWN moves the tetromino down (one single step) LEFT moves the tetromino left RIGHT moves the tetromino right SPACE rotates CW UP rotates CCW ENTER drops the tetromino as far down as possible (hard drop) P pauses the game CTRL+C exits the game without any further prompt PLAYING MODES
The game includes two playing modes. In the second one (harder), you do not get the preview of the next tetromino, and the algorithm is modified to take advantage of this. FILES
$(HOME)/.bastetrc User options $(HOME)/.bastetscores User-specific high scores file (used only if the system high scores file is unavailable) /var/games/bastet.scores2 System-wide high scores for bastet. OPTIONS
None. BUGS
Federico Poloni <> FEBRUARY 2009 BASTET(6)

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primrose(6)							       Games							       primrose(6)

primrose - a compelling tile-placement puzzle game SYNOPSIS
Primrose is a video game written by Jason Rohrer. Unlike his previous work, primrose is an not art game. Despite the departure from art games to a puzzle game, primrose is still beautiful and captivating in its own way. The player places pairs of coloured tiles on a 7x7 grid. Tiles are cleared by surrounding one colour group with another colour group, scor- ing points. The cleared tiles change the colour of the surrounding colour group, allowing for chain reactions that give more points. More colours are added as more tiles have been placed on the grid and eventually the game will end when the grid fills up. The rush of a long chain reaction and the huge numbers of points that can be obtained from them is the counterpoint to playing it safe until the bitter grey (but slightly more colourful) end. There are many strategies to be explored within that continuum. Your smartphone with wireless internet access is a great place to review and explore the continuum as Primrose includes a networked high scores list with instant replay. USAGE
Primrose has no command-line options. Primrose is primarily controlled with the mouse. The escape and q/Q keys quit the game. Pressing P in the games brings up the menu. This menu has instructions on how to play the game, high scores, a dialog to set the name used for high scores as well as toggles for colorblind mode and sound. Primrose connects to the web for synchronizing high scores. FILES
~/.primrose/ is used to store settings and as a cache. SEE ALSO
The website and description: An interview with the creator: March 2008 primrose(6)
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