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Vend::UserDB(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 Vend::UserDB(3pm)

NAME -- Interchange User Database Functions SYNOPSIS
userdb $function, %options DESCRIPTION
The Interchange user database saves information for users, including shipping, billing, and preference information. It allows the user to return to a previous session without the requirement for a "cookie" or other persistent session information. It is object-oriented and called via the [userdb] usertag, which calls the userdb subroutine. It restores and manipulates the form values normally stored in the user session values -- the ones set in forms and read through the "[value variable]" tags. A special function allows saving of shopping cart contents. The preference, billing, and shipping information is keyed so that different sets of information may be saved, providing and "address_book" function that can save more than one shipping and/or billing address. The set to restore is selected by the form values "s_nickname", "b_nickname", and "p_nickname". METHODS
User login: $obj->login(); # Form values are # mv_username, mv_password Create account: $obj->new_account(); # Form values are # mv_username, mv_password, mv_verify Change password: $obj->change_pass(); # Form values are # mv_username, mv_password_old, mv_password, mv_verify(new) Get, set user information: $obj->get_values(); $obj->set_values(); $obj->clear_values(); Save, restore filed user information: $obj->get_shipping(); $obj->set_shipping(); $obj->get_billing(); $obj->set_billing(); $obj->get_preferences(); $obj->set_preferences(); $obj->get_cart(); $obj->set_cart(); Shipping Address Book The shipping address book saves information relevant to shipping the order. In its simplest form, this can be the only address book needed. By default these form values are included: s_nickname name address city state zip country phone_day mv_shipmode The values are saved with the $obj->set_shipping() method and restored with $obj->get_shipping. A list of the keys available is kept in the form value "address_book", suitable for iteration in an HTML select box or in a set of links. Accounts Book The accounts book saves information relevant to billing the order. By default these form values are included: b_nickname b_name b_address b_city b_state b_zip b_country b_phone mv_credit_card_type mv_credit_card_exp_month mv_credit_card_exp_year mv_credit_card_reference The values are saved with the $obj->set_billing() method and restored with $obj->get_billing. A list of the keys available is kept in the form value "accounts", suitable for iteration in an HTML select box or in a set of links. Preferences Preferences are miscellaneous session information. They include by default the fields "email", "fax", "phone_night", and "fax_order". The field "p_nickname" acts as a key to select the preference set. Locations There are several database locations that have special purposes. These fields are not saved as user values. USERNAME default: username The username or key field of the database table. BILLING default: accounts Billing address hash field. SHIPPING default: address_book Shipping address hash field. PREFERENCES default: preferences Miscellaneous information hash field. FEEDBACK default: feedback Customer feedback hash field. PRICING default: price_level Customer pricing level marker. CARTS default: carts Saved carts hash field. PASSWORD default: password Customer password info. If "crypt" is set, may be encrypted. LAST default: mod_time Last login time EXPIRATION default: expiration Expiration of account. OUTBOARD_KEY default: (none) Key information for linking to another table of address or other info. GROUPS default: groups Groups they should be logged into. SUPER default: super Whether they are a superuser (admin). ACL default: acl FILE_ACL default: file_acl DB_ACL default: db_acl Location of access control information. CREATED_DATE_ISO default: (none) CREATED_DATE_UNIX default: (none) UPDATED_DATE_ISO default: (none) UPDATED_DATE_UNIX default: (none) Date fields. MERGED_USER default: (none) The user id of another account this was merged into. If present, and data (should be a valid user id) is present in the field, the user will be logged as that username. perl v5.14.2 2011-04-22 Vend::UserDB(3pm)
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