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Software::License::Custom(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    Software::License::Custom(3pm)

Software::License::Custom - custom license handler VERSION
version 0.103004 DESCRIPTION
This module extends Software::License to give the possibility of specifying all aspects related to a software license in a custom file. This allows for setting custom dates, notices, etc. while still preserving compatibility with all places where Software::License is used, e.g. Dist::Zilla. In this way, you should be able to customise some aspects of the licensing messages that would otherwise be difficult to tinker, e.g. adding a note in the notice, setting multiple years for the copyright notice or set multiple authors and/or copyright holders. The license details should be put inside a file that contains different sections. Each section has the following format: header line This is a line that begins and ends with two underscores "__". The string between the begin and the end of the line is first depured of any non-word character, then used as the name of the section; body a Text::Template (possibly a plain text file) where items to be expanded are enclosed between double braces Each section is terminated by the header of the following section or by the end of the file. Example: __[ NAME ]__ The Foo-Bar License __URL__ __[ META_NAME ]__ foo_bar_meta __{ META2_NAME }__ foo_bar_meta2 __[ NOTICE ]__ Copyright (C) 2000-2002 by P.R. Evious Copyright (C) {{$self->year}} by {{$self->holder}}. This is free software, licensed under {{$self->name}}. __[ LICENSE ]__ The Foo-Bar License Well... this is only some sample text. Verily... only sample text!!! Yes, spanning more lines and more paragraphs. The different formats for specifying the section name in the example above are only examples, you're invited to use a consistent approach. METHODS
new my $slc = Software::License::Custom->new({filename => 'LEGAL'}); Create a new object. Arguments are passed through an anonymous hash, the following keys are allowed: filename - the file where the custom software license details are stored load_sections_from $slc->load_sections_from('MY-LEGAL-ASPECTS'); Loads the different sections of the license from the provided filename. Returns the input object. section_data my $notice_template_reference = $slc->section_data('NOTICE'); Returns a reference to a textual template that can be fed to Text::Template (it could be simple text), according to what is currently loaded in the object. MORE METHODS
The following methods, found in all software license classes, look up and render the template with the capitalized form of their name. In other words, the "license" method looks in the "LICENSE" template. For now, the "meta_name" and "meta2_name" methods return "custom" if called on the class. This may become fatal in the future. o name o url o meta_name o meta2_name o license o notice o fulltext o version AUTHOR
This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Ricardo Signes. This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-23 Software::License::Custom(3pm)

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version 2.021 DESCRIPTION
Configuration classes used by Config::Model Elements short_name The Copyright and License fields in the header paragraph may complement but do not replace the files paragraphs. They can be used to summarise the contributions and redistribution terms for the whole package, for instance when a work combines a permissive and a copyleft license, or to document a compilation copyright and license. It is possible to use only License in the header paragraph, but Copyright alone makes no sense.Optional. Type uniline. Here are some explanations on the possible values: 'Apache' Apache license. For versions, consult the Apache_Software_Foundation. 'Artistic' Artistic license. For versions, consult the Perl_Foundation 'BSD-2-clause' Berkeley software distribution license, 2-clause version 'BSD-3-clause' Berkeley software distribution license, 3-clause version 'BSD-4-clause' Berkeley software distribution license, 4-clause version 'CC-BY' Creative Commons Attribution license 'CC-BY-NC' Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 'CC-BY-NC-ND' Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives 'CC-BY-NC-SA' Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike 'CC-BY-ND' Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 'CC-BY-SA' Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license 'CC0' Creative Commons Universal waiver 'CDDL' Common Development and Distribution License. For versions, consult Sun Microsystems. 'CPL' IBM Common Public License. For versions, consult the IBM_Common_Public License_(CPL)_Frequently_asked_questions. 'EFL' The Eiffel Forum License. For versions, consult the Open_Source_Initiative 'Expat' The Expat license 'FreeBSD' FreeBSD Project license 'GFDL' GNU Free Documentation License 'GFDL-NIV' GNU Free Documentation License, with no invariant sections 'GPL' GNU General Public License 'ISC' Internet_Software_Consortium's license, sometimes also known as the OpenBSD License 'LGPL' GNU Lesser General Public License, (GNU Library General Public License for versions lower than 2.1) 'LPPL' LaTeX Project Public License 'MPL' Mozilla Public License. For versions, consult 'Perl' Perl license (equates to "GPL-1+ or Artistic-1") 'Python-CNRI' Python Software Foundation license. For versions, consult the Python_Software Foundation 'QPL' Q Public License 'W3C' W3C Software License. For more information, consult the W3C IntellectualRights FAQ and the 20021231 W3C_Software_notice_and_license 'ZLIB' zlib/libpng_license 'Zope' Zope Public License. For versions, consult full_license if left blank here, the file must include a stand-alone License section matching each license short name listed on the first line (see the Standalone License Section section). Otherwise, this field should either include the full text of the license(s) or include a pointer to the license file under /usr/share/common-licenses. This field should include all text needed in order to fulfill both Debian Policy requirement for including a copy of the software distribution license, and any license requirements to include warranty disclaimers or other notices with the binary package. Optional. Type string. SEE ALSO
o cme AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont COPYRIGHT
2010 2011 Dominique Dumont LICENSE
LGPL2 perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::models::Debian::Dpkg::Copyright::GlobalLicense(3pm)
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