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soap::wsdl::generator::prefixresolver(3pm) [debian man page]

SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation		SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver(3pm)

SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver - prefixes for different classes SYNOPSIS
If you want to create your custom prefix resolver: package MyPrefixResolver; use strict; use warnings; use base qw(SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver); sub resolve_prefix { my ($self, $type, $namespace, $node) = @_; # return something special return $self->SUPER::resolve_prefix($type, $namespace, $node); } When generating code: use MyPrefixResolver; use SOAP::WSDL::Generator::XSD; my $generator = SOAP::WSDL::Generator::Template::XSD->new({ prefix_resolver_class => 'MyPrefixResolver', }); DESCRIPTION
Prefix resolver class for SOAP::WSDL's code generator. You may subclass it to apply some custom prefix resolving logic. Subclasses must implement the following methods: o resolve_prefix sub resolve_prefix { my ($self, $namespace, $node) = @_; # ... } resolve_prefix is expected to return a (perl class) prefix. It is called with the following parameters: NAME DESCRIPTION ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- type One of (server|interface|typemap|type|element|attribute) namespace The targetNamespace of the node to generate a prefix for. node The node to generate a prefix for You usually just need type and namespace for prefix resolving. node is provided for rather funky setups, where you have to choose different prefixes based on type names or whatever. Node may be of any of the following classes: SOAP::WSDL::Service SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Attribute SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Element SOAP::WSDL::XSD::Type Note that both namespace and node may be undef - you should test for definedness before doing anything fancy with them. If you want your prefixes to represent perl class hierarchies, they should end with '::'. Example: Imagine you're generating interfaces for the Acme Pet Shop. Acme Corp. has set up their datatypes to be global across all interfaces (and products), while elements are local to the product (the Pet Shop in the example). All elements are in the urn:Acme namespace. In addition, there are types in the namespace urn:Acme:Goods, which should go into the same namespace as types, but be prefixed with 'Goods_' You may want prefixes (roughly) like this: Interfaces: Acme::Client::PetShop:: Server: Acme::Server::PetShop:: Types: Acme::Types:: Types (Goods): Acme::Types::Goods_ Elements: Acme::Elements::PetShop:: Typemaps: Acme::Typemaps::PetShop:: BUGS AND LIMITATIONS
You cannot suffix your types by some rule yet... LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2008 Martin Kutter. This file is part of SOAP-WSDL. You may distribute/modify it under the same terms as perl itself AUTHOR
Martin Kutter <martin.kutter> REPOSITORY INFORMATION
$Rev: 583 $ $LastChangedBy: kutterma $ $Id: $ $HeadURL: $ perl v5.10.1 2010-12-21 SOAP::WSDL::Generator::PrefixResolver(3pm)

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SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM(3pm)

SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM - Deserializer SOAP messages into SOM objects SYNOPSIS
use SOAP::WSDL; use SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM; use SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer; SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer->register( '1.1', __PACKAGE__ ); DESCRIPTION
Deserializer for creating SOAP::Lite's SOM object as result of a SOAP call. This package is here for two reasons: o Compatibility You don't have to change the rest of your SOAP::Lite based app when switching to SOAP::WSDL, but can just use SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM to get back the same objects as you were used to. o Completeness SOAP::Lite covers much more of the SOAP specification than SOAP::WSDL. SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM can be used for content which cannot be deserialized by SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOAP11. This may be XML including mixed content, attachements and other XML data not (yet) handled by SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOAP11. SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM is a subclass of SOAP::Deserializer from the SOAP::Lite package. METHODS
deserialize Deserializes a XML sting into a SOAP::SOM object. Returns a SOAP::Fault object on deserialization errors. generate_fault Dies with a SOAP::Fault object. USAGE
SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer will not autoregister itself - to use it for a particular SOAP version just use the following lines: my $soap_version = '1.1'; # or '1.2', further versions may appear. use SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM; use SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer; SOAP::WSDL::Factory::Deserializer->register( $soap_version, __PACKAGE__ ); DIFFERENCES FROM OTHER CLASSES
Differences from SOAP::Lite o No on_fault handler You cannot specify what to do when an error occurs - SOAP::WSDL will return a SOAP::Fault object on transport errors. Differences from other SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer classes o generate_fault SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM will die with a SOAP::Fault object on calls to generate_fault. This also means that a SOAP::Fault may be thrown as exception when using LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2004-2007 Martin Kutter. This file is part of SOAP-WSDL. You may distribute/modify it under the same terms as perl itself. AUTHOR
Martin Kutter <martin.kutter> REPOSITORY INFORMATION
$Rev: 851 $ $LastChangedBy: kutterma $ $Id: 851 2009-05-15 22:45:18Z kutterma $ $HeadURL: $ perl v5.10.1 2010-12-21 SOAP::WSDL::Deserializer::SOM(3pm)
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