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log::agent::channel::syslog(3pm) [debian man page]

Agent::Channel::Syslog(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Agent::Channel::Syslog(3pm)

Log::Agent::Channel::Syslog - syslog logging channel for Log::Agent::Logger SYNOPSIS
require Log::Agent::Channel::Syslog; my $channel = Log::Agent::Channel::Syslog->make( # Specific attributes -prefix => prefix, -facility => "user", -showpid => 1, -socktype => "unix", -logopt => "ndelay", ); DESCRIPTION
The syslog logging channels directs operations to syslog() via the Sys::Syslog(3) interface. The creation routine make() takes the following switches: "-facility" => facility Tell syslog() which facility to use (e.g. "user", "auth", "daemon"). Unlike the Sys::Syslog(3) interface, the facility is set once and for all: every message logged through this channel will use the same facility. "-logopt" => syslog options Specifies logging options, under the form of a string containing zero or more of the words ndelay, cons or nowait. "-prefix" => prefix The prefix here is syslog's identification string. "-showpid" => flag Set to true to have the PID of the process logged. It is false by default. "-socktype" => (unix | inet) Specifies the logging socket type to use. The default behaviour is to use Sys:Syslog's default. AUTHOR
Raphael Manfredi <> SEE ALSO
Log::Agent::Logger(3). perl v5.10.0 2002-03-09 Agent::Channel::Syslog(3pm)

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Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			  Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)

Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog - log via Syslog SYNOPSIS
use base qw(Net::Server::PreFork); __PACKAGE__->run( log_file => 'Sys::Syslog', syslog_ident => 'myapp', ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides Sys::Syslog logging to the Net::Server system. CONFIGURATION
log_file To begin using Sys::Syslog logging, simply set the Net::Server log_file configuration parameter to "Sys::Syslog". If the magic name "Sys::Syslog" is used, all logging will take place via the Sys::Syslog module. If syslog is used the parameters "syslog_logsock", "syslog_ident", and "syslog_logopt",and "syslog_facility" may also be defined. syslog_logsock Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". May be either unix, inet, native, console, stream, udp, or tcp, or an arrayref of the types to try. Default is "unix" if the version of Sys::Syslog < 0.15 - otherwise the default is to not call setlogsock. See Sys::Syslog. syslog_ident Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". Id to prepend on syslog entries. Default is "net_server". See Sys::Syslog. syslog_logopt Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". May be either zero or more of "pid","cons","ndelay","nowait". Default is "pid". See Sys::Syslog. syslog_facility Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". See Sys::Syslog and syslog. Default is "daemon". DEFAULT ARGUMENTS FOR Net::Server The following arguments are available in the default "Net::Server" or "Net::Server::Single" modules. (Other personalities may use additional parameters and may optionally not use parameters from the base class.) Key Value Default ## syslog parameters (if log_file eq Sys::Syslog) syslog_logsock (native|unix|inet|udp |tcp|stream|console) unix (on Sys::Syslog < 0.15) syslog_ident "identity" "net_server" syslog_logopt (cons|ndelay|nowait|pid) pid syslog_facility w+ daemon METHODS
"initialize" This method is called during the initilize_logging method of Net::Server. It returns a single code ref that will be stored under the log_function property of the Net::Server object. That code ref takes log_level and message as arguments and calls the initialized log4perl system. "handle_log_error" This method is called if the log_function fails for some reason. It is passed the Net::Server object, the error that occurred while logging and an arrayref containing the log level and the message. In turn, this calls the legacy Net::Server::handle_syslog_error method. LICENCE
Distributed under the same terms as Net::Server perl v5.18.2 2013-01-09 Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)
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