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html::template::compiled::parser(3pm) [debian man page]

HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		     HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser(3pm)

HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser - Parser module for HTML::Template::Compiled SYNOPSIS
This module is used internally by HTML::Template::Compiled. The API is not fixed (yet), so this is just for understanding at the moment. my $parser = HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser->new( tagstyle => [ # -name deactivates style # +name activates style qw(-classic -comment +asp +php), # define own regexes # e.g. for tags like # {{if foo}}{{var bar}}{{/if foo}} [ qr({{), start of opening tag qr(}}), # end of opening tag qr({{/), # start of closing tag qr(}}), # end of closing tag ], ], ); AUTHOR
Tina Mueller perl v5.14.2 2012-05-26 HTML::Template::Compiled::Parser(3pm)

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HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation		  HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference(3pm)

HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference - A quick reference for HTML::Template::Compiled syntax TAGSTYLES
<TMPL_IF var><TMPL_VAR foo></tmpl_if var> <!-- TMPL_IF var --><!-- TMPL_VAR foo --><!-- /tmpl_if var --> <%if var %><%= foo %><%/if var %> Optional tagstyle 'tt': [%if var %][%= foo %][%/if var %] ACCESSING VARIABLES
<%= %> outputs foo in the cuurent position of the stash and is the same as <%= foo %> <%= .config.url %> goes to root of parameter stash; like $params->{config}->{url} <%= %> goes one level up in stash <%= list[3].keyname.method %> acts like: $stash->[3]->{keyname}->method TAGS
VAR <%var foo%> or <%= foo%> IF, IF_DEFINED, UNLESS, ELSIF, ELSE conditions like in Perl LOOP, WHILE, EACH for-loop and while-loop like in Perl. <%loop cds%><%= __counter__%>. Title: <%= _.title%><%/loop cds%> <%loop cds join=", " %><%= _.title%><%/loop cds%> <%while><%= __counter__%>. <%= %><%/while %> <%each hashref%><%= __key__ %>=<%= __value__ %><%/each %> (sorted alphanumeric) <%each hashref sort=alpha %><%= __key__ %>=<%= __value__ %><%/each %> (sorted alphanumeric) <%each hashref sort=num %><%= __key__ %>=<%= __value__ %><%/each %> (sorted numeric) <%each hashref sort=0 %><%= __key__ %>=<%= __value__ %><%/each %> (not sorted) WITH <%with cds[0].artist.fanclub%><%= _.address%><%= _.homepage%><%/with %> INCLUDE, INCLUDE_VAR <%include> <%include_var param_with_template_name%> COMMENT, VERBATIM, NOPARSE <%comment explanation %> This will not appear in the rendered template. blah blah... <%/comment explanation %> SWITCH, CASE <%switch .config.language%> <%case de%>Hallo <%case es%>Hola <%case en,default%>Hello <%/switch .config.language%> PERL See section Perl in HTML::Template::Compiled ATTRIBUTES
Each attribute can be written as attribute=foo attribute="some thing" attribute='some "thing"' NAME You can omit the 'name=' here. <%if var%>var<%elsif name=var2%>var4<%/if%> Can be used in all tags. ESCAPE <%= message escape=html %> <%= params escape=url %> <%= params escape=js %> <%= some_var escape=dump|html%> Can be used in "VAR"-tags. DEFAULT <%= this.var.might_be_undef default="my fault" %> Can be used in "VAR"-tags. ALIAS <%loop cds alias="cd" %><%= cd.title %><%/loop cds %> Can be used in "LOOP" and "WHILE". Works like "SET_VAR" and is short for <%loop cds %><%set_var cd value=_ %><%= cd.title %><%/loop cds %> Useful for nested loops. SET_VAR <%set_var myvar value=.another.var %> <%set_var myvar2 expr="60 * 60 * 24" %> This creates a variable similar to local() in perl. To use such a var or an alias in includes, you must use "USE_VARS" in the include. USE_VARS <!-- recognize myvar and myvar2 as variables not parameter stash --> <%use_vars myvar,myvar2 %> myvar: <%= myvar %> JOIN <%loop cds join=", " %><%= _.title%><%/loop cds%> can be used in "LOOP" BREAK <%loop cds break="3" %> <%= _.title%><%if __break__ %> </%if %> <%/loop cds%> Sets "__break__" to 1 every xth loop. Can be used in "LOOP", "WHILE" and "EACH" OPTIONS
(loop)_context_vars <%= __index__ %> the current loop index starting at 0 <%= __counter__ %> the current loop index starting at 1 <%= __first__ %> true if first iteration <%= __last__ %> true if last iteration <%= __odd__ %> true if __counter__ is odd <%= __inner__ %> true if not last or first iteration <%= __key__ %> the key of an EACH iteration <%= __value__ %> the value of an EACH iteration <%= __break__ %> see L<"BREAK"> above <%= __filename__ %> filename of current template (since 0.91_001) <%= __filenameshort__ %> short filename of current template (since 0.91_001) perl v5.14.2 2012-05-26 HTML::Template::Compiled::Reference(3pm)
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