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dbix::class::timestamp(3pm) [debian man page]

DBIx::Class::TimeStamp(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       DBIx::Class::TimeStamp(3pm)

DBIx::Class::TimeStamp - DBIx::Class extension to update and create date and time based fields DESCRIPTION
Works in conjunction with InflateColumn::DateTime to automatically set update and create date and time based fields in a table. SYNOPSIS
package My::Schema; __PACKAGE__->load_components(qw( TimeStamp ... Core )); __PACKAGE__->add_columns( id => { data_type => 'integer' }, t_created => { data_type => 'datetime', set_on_create => 1 }, t_updated => { data_type => 'datetime', set_on_create => 1, set_on_update => 1 }, ); Now, any update or create actions will update the specified columns with the current time, using the DateTime inflator. This is effectively trigger emulation to get consistent behavior across databases that either implement them poorly or not at all. METHODS
get_timestamp Returns a DateTime object pointing to now. Override this method if you have different time accounting functions, or want to do anything special. The date and time objects in the database are expected to be inflated. As such you can be pretty flexible with what you want to return here. AUTHOR
Florian Ragwitz (Porting to DBIx::Class::DynamicDefault) LTJake/bricas COPYRIGHT &; LICENSE Copyright 2009 J. Shirley, all rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2010-09-05 DBIx::Class::TimeStamp(3pm)

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DBIx::Class::KiokuDB(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 DBIx::Class::KiokuDB(3pm)

DBIx::Class::KiokuDB - Refer to KiokuDB objects from DBIx::Class tables. SYNOPSIS
See DBIx::Class::Schema::KiokuDB. package MyApp::DB::Result::Album; use base qw(DBIx::Class); __PACKAGE__>load_components(qw(Core KiokuDB)); __PACKAGE__->table('album'); __PACKAGE__->add_columns( id => { data_type => "integer" }, title => { data_type => "varchar" }, # the foreign key for the KiokuDB object: metadata => { data_type => "varchar" }, ); __PACKAGE__->set_primary_key('id'); # enable a KiokuDB rel on the column: __PACKAGE__->kiokudb_column('metadata'); DESCRIPTION
This DBIx::Class component provides the code necessary for DBIx::Class::Row objects to refer to KiokuDB objects stored in KiokuDB::Backend::DBI. CLASS METHODS
kiokudb_column $rel Declares a relationship to any KiokuDB object. In future versions adding relationships to different sub-collections will be possible as well. METHODS
store A convenience method that calls "store" in KiokuDB on all referenced KiokuDB objects, and then invokes "insert_or_update" on $self. get_kiokudb_column $col set_kiokudb_column $col, $obj store_kiokudb_column $col, $obj See DBIx::Class::Row. OVERRIDDEN METHODS
new Recognizes objects passed in as column values, much like standard relationships do. insert Also calls "insert" in KiokuDB on all referenced objects that are not in the KiokuDB storage. update Adds a check to ensure that all referenced KiokuDB objects are in storage. perl v5.12.4 2011-10-04 DBIx::Class::KiokuDB(3pm)
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