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config::model::models::approx(3pm) [debian man page]

Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)

Config::Model::models::Approx - Configuration class Approx DESCRIPTION
Configuration classes used by Config::Model Configuration model to edit "/etc/approc/approx.conf". This file can be edited with the following command: config-edit -application approx Elements cache - approx cache directory Specifies the location of the approx cache directory (default: /var/cache/approx). It and all its subdirectories must be owned by the approx server (see also the $user and $group parameters, below.)Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '/var/cache/approx'. interval - file cache expiration in minutes Specifies the time in minutes after which a cached file will be considered too old to deliver without first checking with the remote repository for a newer version. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '720'. max_rate - maximum download rate from remote repositories Specifies the maximum download rate from remote repositories, in bytes per second (default: unlimited). The value may be sufaXX fixed with "K", "M", or "G" to indicate kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes per second, respectively.Optional. Type uniline. max_redirects - maximum number of HTTP redirections Specifies the maximum number of HTTP redirections that will be followed when downloading a remote file. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '5'. user - user that owns the files in the approx cache Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'approx'. group - group that owns the files in the approx cache Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'approx'. syslog - syslog(3) facility to use when logging Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'daemon'. pdiffs - support IndexFile diffs Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '1'. offline - use cached files when offline Specifies whether to deliver (possibly out-of-date) cached files when they cannot be downloaded from remote repositories. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. max_wait - max wait for concurrent file download Specifies how many seconds an approx(8) process will wait for a concurrent download of a file to complete, before attempting to download the file itself. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '10'. verbose Specifies whether informational messages should be printed in the log. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. debug Specifies whether debug messages should be printed in the log. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. distributions - remote repositories The other name/value pairs are used to map distribution names to remote repositories. For example, debian => security => Use the distribution name as the key of the hash element and the URL as the value . Optional. Type hash of uniline. SEE ALSO
o config-edit AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont COPYRIGHT
2011, Dominique Dumont LICENSE
LGPL-2.1+ perl v5.12.3 2011-06-30 Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)

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Config::Model::models::Multistrap(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    Config::Model::models::Multistrap(3pm)

Config::Model::models::Multistrap - Configuration class Multistrap VERSION
version 2.021 DESCRIPTION
Configuration classes used by Config::Model Class for multistrap configuration files. Note that multistrap is based on INI where section and keys are case insensitive. Hence all sections and keys are converted to lower case and written back as lower case. Most values (but not all) are also case-insensitive. These values will also be written back as lowercase. Elements include - Include file for cascaded configuration To support multiple variants of a basic (common) configuration, "multistrap" allows configuration files to include other (more general) configuration files. i.e. the most detailed / specific configuration file is specified on the command line and that file includes another file which is shared by other configurations.Optional. Type uniline. arch Optional. Type enum. choice: 'alpha', 'arm', 'armel', 'powerpc'. directory - target directory top level directory where the bootstrap will be created. Optional. Type uniline. aptsources aptsources is a list of sections to be used in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/multistrap.sources.list of the target. Order is not important.Optional. Type list of reference. bootstrap the bootstrap option determines which repository is used to calculate the list of Priority: required packages and which packages go into the rootfs. The order of sections is not important.Optional. Type list of reference. debootstrap Replaced by bootstrap parameter. Deprecated Optional. Type list of reference. omitrequired Optional. Type boolean. addimportant Optional. Type boolean. configscript Optional. Type uniline. setupscript Optional. Type uniline. cleanup remove apt cache data, downloaded Packages files and the apt package cache.Optional. Type boolean. noauth allow the use of unauthenticated repositories. Optional. Type boolean. explicitsuite whether to add the /suite to be explicit about where apt needs to look for packages.Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. unpack - extract all downloaded archives Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '1'. Note: unpack is migrated with '$old' and with $old => ""- forceunpack"" sections Optional. Type hash of node. forceunpack - extract all downloaded archives deprecated. Replaced by unpack. Deprecated Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '1'. SEE ALSO
o cme o Config::Model::models::Multistrap::Section perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::models::Multistrap(3pm)
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