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config::model::models::approx(3pm) [debian man page]

Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)

Config::Model::models::Approx - Configuration class Approx DESCRIPTION
Configuration classes used by Config::Model Configuration model to edit "/etc/approc/approx.conf". This file can be edited with the following command: config-edit -application approx Elements cache - approx cache directory Specifies the location of the approx cache directory (default: /var/cache/approx). It and all its subdirectories must be owned by the approx server (see also the $user and $group parameters, below.)Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: '/var/cache/approx'. interval - file cache expiration in minutes Specifies the time in minutes after which a cached file will be considered too old to deliver without first checking with the remote repository for a newer version. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '720'. max_rate - maximum download rate from remote repositories Specifies the maximum download rate from remote repositories, in bytes per second (default: unlimited). The value may be sufaXX fixed with "K", "M", or "G" to indicate kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes per second, respectively.Optional. Type uniline. max_redirects - maximum number of HTTP redirections Specifies the maximum number of HTTP redirections that will be followed when downloading a remote file. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '5'. user - user that owns the files in the approx cache Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'approx'. group - group that owns the files in the approx cache Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'approx'. syslog - syslog(3) facility to use when logging Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: 'daemon'. pdiffs - support IndexFile diffs Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '1'. offline - use cached files when offline Specifies whether to deliver (possibly out-of-date) cached files when they cannot be downloaded from remote repositories. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. max_wait - max wait for concurrent file download Specifies how many seconds an approx(8) process will wait for a concurrent download of a file to complete, before attempting to download the file itself. Optional. Type integer. upstream_default: '10'. verbose Specifies whether informational messages should be printed in the log. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. debug Specifies whether debug messages should be printed in the log. Optional. Type boolean. upstream_default: '0'. distributions - remote repositories The other name/value pairs are used to map distribution names to remote repositories. For example, debian => security => Use the distribution name as the key of the hash element and the URL as the value . Optional. Type hash of uniline. SEE ALSO
o config-edit AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont COPYRIGHT
2011, Dominique Dumont LICENSE
LGPL-2.1+ perl v5.12.3 2011-06-30 Config::Model::models::Approx(3pm)

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Config::Model::models::PopCon(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Config::Model::models::PopCon(3pm)

Config::Model::models::PopCon - Configuration class PopCon VERSION
version 2.021 DESCRIPTION
Configuration classes used by Config::Model Elements PARTICIPATE If you don't want to participate in the contest, say "no" and we won't send messages.Optional. Type enum. choice: 'no', 'yes'. upstream_default: 'no'. MAILTO - survey e-mail Specifies the address to e-mail statistics to each week.Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: ''. MAILFROM - forged sender email address MAILFROM is the forged sender email address you want to use in email submitted to the popularity-contest. If this is commented out, no From: or Sender: lines will be added to the outgoing mail, and it will be your MTA's job to add them. This is usually what you want. If your MTA is misconfigured or impossible to configure correctly, and it always generates invalid From: and/or Sender: lines, you can force different results by setting MAILFROM here. This can cause problems with spam bouncers, so most people should leave it commented out.Optional. Type uniline. SUBMITURLS - list of urls to submit data to Space separated list of where to submit popularity-contest reports using http.Optional. Type uniline. upstream_default: ''. USEHTTP enables http reporting. Set this to 'yes' to enable it.Optional. Type enum. choice: 'no', 'yes'. upstream_default: 'yes'. HTTP_PROXY Allows one to specify an HTTP proxy server, the syntax is "http://proxy:port". This overrides the environment variable http_proxy.Optional. Type uniline. MY_HOSTID Secret number that the popularity-contest receiver uses to keep track of your submissions. Whenever you send in a new entry, it overwrites the last one that had the same HOSTID. This key was generated automatically so you should normally just leave it alone. Optional. Type uniline. DAY - day of week Only run on the given day, to spread the load on the server a bit. 0 is Sunday, 6 is Saturday. Optional. Type integer. SEE ALSO
o cme AUTHOR
Dominique Dumont COPYRIGHT
2010,2011 Dominique Dumont LICENSE
LGPL2 perl v5.14.2 2012-11-09 Config::Model::models::PopCon(3pm)
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