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MakeMethods::Standard(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				MakeMethods::Standard(3pm)

Class::MakeMethods::Standard - Make common object accessors SYNOPSIS
package MyObject; use Class::MakeMethods::Standard::Hash ( new => 'new', scalar => [ 'foo', 'bar' ], array => 'my_list', hash => 'my_index', ); DESCRIPTION
This document describes the various subclasses of Class::MakeMethods included under the Standard::* namespace, and the method types each one provides. The Standard subclasses provide a parameterized set of method-generation implementations. Subroutines are generated as closures bound to a hash containing the method name and (optionally) additional parameters. USAGE AND SYNTAX
When you "use" a subclass of this package, the method declarations you provide as arguments cause subroutines to be generated and installed in your module. You can also omit the arguments to "use" and instead make methods at runtime by passing the declarations to a subsequent call to "make()". You may include any number of declarations in each call to "use" or "make()". If methods with the same name already exist, earlier calls to "use" or "make()" win over later ones, but within each call, later declarations superceed earlier ones. You can install methods in a different package by passing "-target_class => package" as your first arguments to "use" or "make". See "USAGE" in Class::MakeMethods for more details. SEE ALSO
See Class::MakeMethods for general information about this distribution. For distribution, installation, support, copyright and license information, see Class::MakeMethods::Docs::ReadMe. perl v5.10.1 2004-09-06 MakeMethods::Standard(3pm)

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MakeMethods::Attribute(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       MakeMethods::Attribute(3pm)

Class::MakeMethods::Attribute - Declare generated subs with attribute syntax SYNOPSIS
package MyObject; use Class::MakeMethods::Attribute 'Standard::Hash'; sub new :MakeMethod('new'); sub foo :MakeMethod('scalar'); sub bar :MakeMethod('scalar', { hashkey => 'bar_data' }); sub debug :MakeMethod('Standard::Global:scalar'); DESCRIPTION
This package allows common types of methods to be generated via a subroutine attribute declaration. (Available in Perl 5.6 and later.) Adding the :MakeMethod() attribute to a subroutine declaration causes Class::MakeMethods to create and install a subroutine based on the parameters given to the :MakeMethod attribute. You can declare a default method-generation class by passing the name of a MakeMethods subclass in the use Class::MakeMethods::Attribute statement. This default method-generation class will also apply as the default to any subclasses declared at compile time. If no default method-generation class is selected, you will need to fully-qualify all method type declarations. EXAMPLE
Here's a typical use of Class::MakeMethods::Attribute: package MyObject; use Class::MakeMethods::Attribute 'Standard::Hash'; sub new :MakeMethod('new'); sub foo :MakeMethod('scalar'); sub bar :MakeMethod('scalar', { hashkey => 'bar_data' }); sub debug :MakeMethod('Standard::Global:scalar'); package MySubclass; use base 'MyObject'; sub bazzle :MakeMethod('scalar'); This is equivalent to the following explicit Class::MakeMethods invocations: package MyObject; use Class::MakeMethods ( -MakerClass => 'Standard::Hash', new => 'new', scalar => 'foo', scalar => [ 'ba', { hashkey => 'bar_data' } ], 'Standard::Global:scalar' => 'debug', ); package MySubclass; use base 'MyObject'; use Class::MakeMethods ( -MakerClass => 'Standard::Hash', scalar => 'bazzle', ); DIAGNOSTICS
The following warnings and errors may be produced when using Class::MakeMethods::Attribute to generate methods. (Note that this list does not include run-time messages produced by calling the generated methods, or the standard messages produced by Class::MakeMethods.) Can't apply MakeMethod attribute to %s declaration. You can not use the ":MakeMethod" attribute with lexical or anonymous subroutine declarations. No method type provided for MakeMethod attribute. You called ":MakeMethod()" without the required method-type argument. SEE ALSO
See Attribute::Handlers byEDamian Conway. See Class::MakeMethods for general information about this distribution. perl v5.10.1 2004-09-06 MakeMethods::Attribute(3pm)
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