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XML(3pm)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						  XML(3pm)

CGI::XML - Perl extension for converting variables to/from XML SYNOPSIS
use CGI::XML; $q = new CGI::XML; # convert variables to XML $xml = $q->toXML; $xml = $q->toXML($root); # convert XML to variables $q->toCGI($xml); DESCRIPTION
The CGI::XML module converts variables to XML and vice versa. CGI::XML is a subclass of, so it reads the CGI variables just as would. METHODS
$q = new CGI::XML creates a new instance of CGI::XML. You also have access to all of the methods in $q->toXML([$root]) where $root is an optional parameter that specifies the root element. By default, toXML will not return a root element. $q->toCGI($xml) where $xml is the XML you would like to convert to parameters. Values in the XML will overwrite any existing values if they exist. NOTE
CGI::XML does not currently handle multiple selections passed from HTML forms. This will be added in a future release. AUTHOR
Jonathan Eisenzopf <> CONTRIBUTORS
David Black <> SEE ALSO
perl(1), XML::Parser(3). perl v5.8.8 2004-12-05 XML(3pm)

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Dumper(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Dumper(3)

XML::Dumper - Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML SYNOPSIS
# Convert Perl code to XML use XML::Dumper; my $dump = new XML::Dumper; $data = [ { first => 'Jonathan', last => 'Eisenzopf', email => '' }, { first => 'Larry', last => 'Wall', email => '' } ]; $xml = $dump->pl2xml($perl); # Convert XML to Perl code use XML::Dumper; my $dump = new XML::Dumper; # some XML my $xml = <<XML; <perldata> <scalar>foo</scalar> </perldata> XML # load Perl data structure from dumped XML $data = $dump->xml2pl($Tree); DESCRIPTION
XML::Dumper dumps Perl data to a structured XML format. XML::Dumper can also read XML data that was previously dumped by the module and convert it back to Perl. This is done via the following 2 methods: XML::Dumper::pl2xml XML::Dumper::xml2pl AUTHOR
Jonathan Eisenzopf <> CREDITS
Chris Thorman <> L.M.Orchard <> DeWitt Clinton <> SEE ALSO
perl(1), XML::Parser(3). perl v5.8.0 1999-06-20 Dumper(3)
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