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cache::sizeawaresharedmemorycache(3pm) [debian man page]

Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		    Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache(3pm)

Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache -- extends Cache::SizeAwareMemoryCache DESCRIPTION
The SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache class adds the ability to dynamically limit the size (in bytes) of a shared memory based cache. This class also implements the SizeAwareCache interface, providing the 'max_size' option and the 'limit_size( $size )' method. SYNOPSIS
use Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache; my $cache = new Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache( { 'namespace' => 'MyNamespace', 'default_expires_in' => 600, 'max_size' => 10000 } ); METHODS
See Cache::Cache and Cache::SizeAwareCache for the API documentation. OPTIONS
See Cache::Cache and Cache::SizeAwareCache for the standard options. PROPERTIES
See Cache::Cache and Cache::SizeAwareCache for the default properties. SEE ALSO
Cache::Cache, Cache::SizeAwareCache, Cache::SharedMemoryCache AUTHOR
Original author: DeWitt Clinton <> Last author: $Author: dclinton $ Copyright (C) 2001-2003 DeWitt Clinton perl v5.12.4 2009-03-01 Cache::SizeAwareSharedMemoryCache(3pm)

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Cache::SizeAwareCache(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Cache::SizeAwareCache(3pm)

Cache::SizeAwareCache -- extends the Cache interface. DESCRIPTION
The SizeAwareCache interface is implemented by classes that support all of the Cache::Cache interface in addition to the limit_size and max_size features of a size aware cache. The default cache size limiting algorithm works by removing cache objects in the following order until the desired limit is reached: 1) objects that have expired 2) objects that are least recently accessed 3) objects that that expire next SYNOPSIS
use Cache::SizeAwareCache; use vars qw( @ISA ); @ISA = qw( Cache::SizeAwareCache ); CONSTANTS
Please see Cache::Cache for standard constants $NO_MAX_SIZE The cache has no size restrictions METHODS
Please see Cache::Cache for the standard methods limit_size( $new_size ) Attempt to resize the cache such that the total disk usage is under the $new_size parameter. $new_size represents t size (in bytes) that the cache should be limited to. Note that this is only a one time adjustment. To maintain the cache size, consider using the max_size option, although it is considered very expensive, and can often be better achieved by peridocally calling limit_size. OPTIONS
Please see Cache::Cache for the standard options max_size Sets the max_size property (size in bytes), which is described in detail below. Defaults to $NO_MAX_SIZE. PROPERTIES
Please see Cache::Cache for standard properties (get|set)_max_size If this property is set, then the cache will try not to exceed the max size value (in bytes) specified. NOTE: This causes the size of the cache to be checked on every set, and can be considered *very* expensive in some implementations. A good alternative approach is leave max_size as $NO_MAX_SIZE and to periodically limit the size of the cache by calling the limit_size( $size ) method. SEE ALSO
Cache::Cache AUTHOR
Original author: DeWitt Clinton <> Last author: $Author: dclinton $ Copyright (C) 2001-2003 DeWitt Clinton perl v5.12.4 2009-03-01 Cache::SizeAwareCache(3pm)
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