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apache2::sitecontrol::radius(3pm) [debian man page]

Apache2::SiteControl::Radius(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			 Apache2::SiteControl::Radius(3pm)

Apache2::SiteControl::Radius - Raduis authentication module for SiteControl SYNOPSIS
In Apache/mod_perl's configuration: PerlModule Apache2::SiteControl <Location /sample> ... PerlSetVar SiteControlMethod Apache2::SiteControl::Radius ... </Location> <FilesMatch ".pl$"> ... PerlSetVar RadiusSiteControlHost "localhost" PerlSetVar RadiusSiteControlSecret "mysecret" ... </FilesMatch> <Location /SampleLogin> ... PerlSetVar RadiusSiteControlHost "localhost" PerlSetVar RadiusSiteControlSecret "mysecret" ... </Location> DESCRIPTION
Apache2::SiteControl::Radius uses Authen::Radius to do the actual authentication of login attempts for the SiteControl system. See the SiteControl documentation for a complete apache configuration example. The synopsis above shows the configuration parameters for the radius module only, which is not a stand-alone thing. The proper variables for the apache configuration of this modules are shown in the synopsis above. You must set the radius host and shared secret in all sections that will use the SiteControl system for authentication. SEE ALSO
Apache2::SiteControl AUTHOR
This module was written by Tony Kay, <>. COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
perl v5.14.2 2006-03-17 Apache2::SiteControl::Radius(3pm)

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Apache2::SiteControl::Rule(3pm) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   Apache2::SiteControl::Rule(3pm)

Apache2::SiteControl::Rule - Permission manager access rule. DESCRIPTION Each rule is a custom-written class that implements some aspect of your site's access logic. Rules can choose to grant or deny a request. package sample::Test; use strict; use warnings; use Carp; use Apache2::SiteControl::Rule; use base qw(Apache2::SiteControl::Rule); sub grants($$$$) { my $this = shift; my $user = shift; my $action = shift; my $resource = shift; if($action eq "edit" && $resource->isa("sample::Record")) { return 1 if($user{name} eq "root"); } return 0; } sub denies($$$$) { return 0; } 1; The PermissionManager will only give permission if at least one rule grants permission, and no rule denies it. It is important that your rules never grant or deny a request they do not understand, so it is a good idea to use type checking to prevent strangeness. Assertions should not be used if you expect different rules to accept different resource types or user types, since each rule is used on every access request. EXPORT
None by default. SEE ALSO
Apache2::SiteControl::UserFactory, Apache::SiteControl::ManagerFactory, Apache2::SiteControl::PermissionManager, Apache::SiteControl AUTHOR
This module was written by Tony Kay, <>. COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE
perl v5.14.2 2006-03-17 Apache2::SiteControl::Rule(3pm)
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